Teen uses airsoft gun to foil home invasion

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A Georgia area airsofter tapped in his 6mm M4 to help disrupt a burglary at his residence while he and his brother were home alone while visiting their father.

The town

Located inside metro Atlanta in Coweta County, Georgia is suburban Newnan, population about 30,000. While Atlanta was largely burned during the Civil War, Newnan survived due to its use as a hospital area. Nonetheless, the town was the site of the Battle of Brown's Mil, a small cavalry engagement where Gen. Joseph Wheeler's Confederate horsemen crashed into Brig. Gen. Edward M. McCook's First Division of the cavalry of the Army of the Cumberland on thier way down to liberate the infamous Andersonville prison camp.

Newnan from time to time continues to have some excitement, as the brothers Sample found out last month.

The incident

Bayne Sample, 16, and his younger brother, Caleb Sample, 14, as reported by the Newman Times-Herald, were visiting their father on the weekend of Dec. 12. Home alone while pops was at a company Christmas Party, older brother Bayne heard a noise downstairs in the dark.

"Me and my brother were in our own rooms upstairs," said Sample. "I was texting a friend and getting ready for airsoft the next day. I had my airsoft gun at the foot of the bed. I heard something downstairs and thought I heard the door unlock."

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Image via Newman Times-Herald

The gun, a Mk 18-looking M4-type complete with mock up EoTech, looks enough like real steel to put a scare into someone and, as Bayne found out, did the trick to put an apparent burglary team into flight.

"I grabbed my gun and walked downstairs and cut the light on," said Sample, who WSBTV reports is a JROTC cadet at his local high school. "When I turned the light on, the door was open and one burglar had his foot in the door. I could see the other one through the windows at the top of the door. He immediately ran off. I cocked the gun at the other burglar and he put his hands up and then ran off."

Teen uses airsoft gun to foil home invasion - Editor - burglary-coweta-548.jpg
Bayne Sample at the base of his home's stairs where the incident went down. Via WSBTV. Dat trigger D, thoe.

The outcome

As reported by the Times-Herald, the burglars beat feet and Sample retrieved one of his father's actual firearms to hold on to until his dad came home, and at that time called the cops.

While there are a lot of issues here we can throw rocks at (bringing an airsoft gun to what could have been an actual gun fight against multiple aggressors, not immediately contacting police, questions about how much firearms training Sample had to allow him to safely use the real steel once he retrieved it, et. al) in the end it seems like the brothers Sample lived to tell the tale and gave a moment of pause to some enterprising would-be crooks.

Of course, we here at Airsoft Society wouldn't advise to react to a bump in the night armed with something that fires 6mm plastic pellets, you still have to admire the youth's moxie and refusal to become a victim to some degree.

"I'm just glad he took the initiative to do what he did and protect him and his brother," said Violet Sample, the boy's mother. "I wonder if he didn't do that what would have happened. They could have came in and found them and did anything to them. I think he is a hero."

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January 7, 2016  •  10:52 PM
But will this story be on any one of the main news stations? Sadly, no...
January 9, 2016  •  09:55 PM
Another story which, of course, didn't make into the main news headlines. Not airsoft related.


I really wish these type of stories got more attention.
January 10, 2016  •  02:17 PM
I would rather the second story (the one Falco posted) make the news than this one. It actually demonstrates the advantages of possessing guns for self-defence.

But the story in the article? I actually wouldn't want that making big headlines, because frankly that *really* was not the smart course of action, and that kid's lucky it worked out the way it did. Kid should've called 911 first, then (if possible) moved immediately to obtain a real firearm, and most importantly, stayed out of sight. What's worth more, your TV or your life? He lucked out because the burglars weren't armed and freaked out, but if they had been armed and fired back he would have been stuck holding a plastic peashooter and unable to defend himself, and could have been seriously injured or killed as a result.

If a story like that made national headlines we'd have stupid kids trying to 'foil home invasions' with their airsoft guns and SOMEONE is gonna get shot, either by criminals or even by police.
January 21, 2016  •  02:06 PM
Props to the kid. People will 2nd guess him but hell ya gotta remember, if it's stupid but it works it ain't stupid.
January 31, 2016  •  06:02 PM
Nice one kiddo ;)
They are brave guys i salute to them mates. *Salutes*
This one had to get one first pages of newspapers and on TV.
August 16, 2016  •  07:21 AM
@SGT-Stecker Nah bro. Only shootings and gun control related stories go on the media sadly.
December 18, 2016  •  04:41 PM
Can't decide if he is smart or stupid