Top 6 Marine Airsoft Drills

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The United States Marine Corps places a lot of emphasis on individual weapon and tactical skills. Some of the most valuable skills are learned through repetition and tactical drills.These exercises are designed for combat proficiency. They are designed to make not only a more efficient shooter but also to have a better understanding of the physical nature of tactics and how they affect gun handling.I'm Up, He Sees Me, I'm Down One of the first things you learn in the Marine Corps regarding combat is the importance of cover.In boot camp, you do a week of basic warrior training to learn the "I'm up, he sees me, I'm down." The point of this drill is to be able to maneuver, place accurate fire on a target, and get down. It must be done fast. How fast? You have to learn to do it in the pace it takes to say, "I'm up, he sees me, I'm down!"On the "I'm up, he sees me" portion you are moving forward and shooting if possible.By the time you get to the 'I'm down" part, you should be in the prone position or behind cover.Repeat the drill as part of an attack across the relatively open terrain.The drill stresses speed, accuracy, and cover -- all vital parts of winning the game. This sounds easy, but place some IPSC or USPA targets on stands and maneuver towards them while trying to hit their critical zones. It's far from easy and it's also exhausting.This can be practiced with a team of 2 or more people. You alternate who's up and who's down. So in a squad of size, every other person is in the up position, while the other 6 are covering them. It builds speed, accuracy, and teaches the importance of cover. Reloads

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As an individual skill, reloading is one of the most important skills to have. Someone who is slow to reload is someone who is also quick to die.

There are 2 different types of reloads: speed and tactical. Both should be practiced and you should wear your full kit while at it. You need to practice with the magazines and pouches you use.

Speed Reload

A speed reload is when you run out of ammunition and must immediately get back into the fight.

The drill is done with the weapon at the ready position, and use your nonfiring hand to reload.

    Drop the empty magazine of your gun, let it hit the ground.As the magazine is falling to the ground, you should be reaching into your magazine pouch and retrieve a fresh magazine.

The goal here is to be able to reload in about 1 second while never taking your eyes off your target. This is achieved through repetition and learning muscle memory.

Tactical Reload

A tactical reload is executed behind cover when you have a lull to do so.

It is done with the weapon in the ready or low ready position. The magazine does not need to be empty to conduct a reload.

    Retrieve a fresh magazine with your nonfiring hand. An average magazine does not fill your entire hand.With the same hand, grab the magazine that's still in the gun. The fresh magazine is on the inner side of your hand.Remove the old magazine while retaining it in your off hand. The fresh magazine should be held slightly higher.Insert the new magazine and tuck the old magazine away for later.

The technique is more important than time in this case.

High, Low, Lower

This drill is taken from the Special Operations Training Group Meu SOC M4 qual.

You need one target placed half the max range of your rifle.

    Start in the standing position with the weapon at the low ready.Fire two rounds, immediately transition to the kneeling position and fire two more rounds.Then move into the prone position and fire two shots.

A passing score is 6 hits and transition to all 3 positions in less than 10 seconds.

This drill builds your ability to transition between positions, plus rapidly and accurately put rounds on the target. Transitioning quickly to positions can be a critical skill to have. It allows you to get behind cover rapidly and to minimize yourself as a target.

Rifle to Pistol Transition

The one thing that is faster than a speed reload is transitioning from rifle to pistol. For this drill, you need your full kit and a holstered and loaded pistol with a single target at relatively close range.

Start with an empty rifle in the ready position. Your goal is to transition to your handgun rapidly and confidently. The drill ends as you take a shot on your target.
To properly transition, you do not want just to drop your rifle and go for your pistol. Using a sling is helpful but it's not necessary.

    At the beginning of the transition, release only your firing grip.Your off hand pulls the weapon to your nondominant side. At the same time, your firing hand grips the pistol and draws it. If you have a sling, you can release the weapon fully and put two hands on the pistol.

Do it as fast as possible while keeping your focus entirely on the target.

The El Presidente

The El Presidente was designed by Col Jeff Cooper.

Place 3 targets 10 yards from you. Each target should be positioned 3 yards apart. You can use a pistol or long gun for this drill and you need two magazines, a magazine pouch, and 12 rounds.

This is a timed exercise but if you don't have a partner to time you, use a stopwatch but there will be a delay. There is an IPSC timer for Android and iPhone that reacts to noise. You can calibrate it to an airsoft gun. It's an effective timer and alarm.

    Turn your back to the targets.Start with your hands up, weapon holstered, or slung; at the sound of the timer, the drill begins.Turn around, engage each target with 2 rounds.Reload and engage the targets with 2 rounds once more.
A perfect score is 4 hits on each target in 10 seconds or less. This drill builds your speed, shooting skills, your combat accuracy, and target transitions.

Practice Makes Perfect

Effective combat shooting is done through honing a particular set of skills. Shooting and tactical skills are a lot like muscles. If you don't continually work them, you will lose them.

All you need is 15 minutes everyday to train one of these drills. At a minimum, do 1 a day for 15 minutes and take the weekend off. You will see your skills improve.

Drills provided by former Marine machine gunner Travis Pike.

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Nice write-up. Im sure this will b e useful to newbies and old players alike
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Interesting article. I'll definitely try the high, low, lower drill
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Did anyone try the Rifle to Pistol Transition? Seems like it would work really well but not really sure.