Increasing Your Operational Endurance with High-Intensity Workouts

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High intensity events, such as those hosted by American Milsim and Milsim West, are guaranteed to test both your mental fortitude and physical endurance. Your aerobic, anaerobic, and mental toughness will be tested and your ability to perform successfully largely depends on your preparation and physical/mental conditioning. How many times have you, or someone you've played with, lost your steam within an hour of starting an event? This is a challenge for many players and a challenge that our nations most highly skilled military and law enforcement operators train to defeat.

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During an event, your body will be challenged in a "simulated" real-world environment for hours at a time; so why wouldn't you challenge all these systems simultaneously during training to prepare for such challenges? As an active member of SWAT and entry team leader, I strive to integrate training that not only challenges our operators in their aerobic, anaerobic, and mental fortitude, but also their ability to perform with a weapon under those stresses. Being able to train your body and mind to control itself and perform under these immense workloads is necessary for success.


Now, some may ask, "I don't have a gym membership." Well, there are many simple things you can do with minimal equipment that will offer you the ability to challenge your body and mind and make you a more successful airsoft player. Below are items that I recommend you purchase or you find that will help you in your endeavor to become a better player.

1. A large tractor or semi truck tire. (These are easily located at your local tire shops which handle large machinery. They will often donate them to you)
2. 15 feet of rope (tie one end of the rope to the car tire and tie a loop large enough to fit around your shoulders on the other end)
3. Kettlebell or 25 35 lb. Plate
4. Sledge hammer
5. A large car or pickup truck tire

The purpose of these simple items are to give your body a physically challenging and explosive workout at the lowest cost possible and without needing any sort of gym membership.


To become the best airsoft operator you can be, you need to challenge your mind and body, as well as your ability to accurately and proficiently perform under enormous stress. This is why when I train the SWAT members, I've integrated high intensity physical workouts with firearms skills. The harder you stress your body and mind, the more difficult it becomes to be proficient with your weapon. Your ability to hold your arms steady while breathing deep becomes challenging. By forcing yourself to shoot under immense amounts of stress, you're effectively training your body to evolve and learning how to control yourself and perform under any circumstances that may arise.


There is no need for a massive training facility or fancy gym, a standard backyard will be sufficient enough to get the work done to become a better player. If you have a standard square back yard, set up stations at each corner of the yard. You want to have explosive, high-intensity workouts at each corner that require sprints in between each event. If you have more space that's even better. This allows you not only to have longer sprints, but the ability to add more workouts to each days plans. Finally, you want to set up an area with a proper backdrop or berm that will allow you to safely shoot your airsoft gun without injuring others or damaging property.


Basic Workouts to Utilize During Your Training

1. Side Straddle Hop (a.k.a. The Jumping Jack)
2. Burpees
3. Pushups
4. Flutter Kicks
5. Tire Flips
6. Tire Drag
7. Kettlebell Swings
8. Sledge Hammer Strikes
9. Suicide Sprints

If you are unfamiliar with any of these types of workouts, utilize Youtube or Google to search and get examples of each type of workout. I will also recommend to prevent injury, you should seek approval from your personal physician before beginning any workout regiment.


The goal is to extend your bodies ability to perform in an explosive manner, for short periods of time. Your body is naturally lazy and will adjust itself to perform just hard enough to get the job done. For this reason, varying your workouts, times, and amounts are necessary. Change your plan daily, and vary your workout times every time you workout. Take the workouts above and make a random plan every day and stick to it. If you make a plan with 3 workouts for the day, and 4 sets of those workouts, stick to it. Now, always listen to your body. If you feel like you've hurt yourself, you probably have. Stop what your doing and give your body time to heal. If you just feel tired, push through it and make yourself better.

I utilize these types of workouts 4 times a week and hope that these will help you become a better player on the field. Look for me at events in the south! Str8Oper6n

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March 9, 2017  •  05:49 PM
Absolutely excellent article!
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Thanks Eric
April 3, 2017  •  06:41 PM
You've hit it right sir! endurance training definitely pays off in preparation for real life scenarios. Thanks for the great article!