30% Off VB Power Batteries and 25% Off Intellect Volt Chargers

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    During this week you can take 30% off your VB Power or 25% off your Intellect Volt charger by purchasing an AEG. Having reliable power and a fast charge ensures that you'll be getting the most out of your AEG. These promotions will end Monday, 9/16 so don't miss out. Click here for all the deals and to learn more about these brands: http://bit.ly/1arD5SP

    If you want to find out more about VB Power airsoft batteries and Intellect Volt battery chargers then watch this video:

    VB Power is known in the airsoft industry for making high quality and inexpensive NiMH (nickel metal hydride) and Li-PO (lithium polymer) batteries for airsoft AEGs. VB Power makes a wide assortment of different size, voltage, and milliamps batteries perfect for any type of airsoft gun. VB ower ensures that all of their batteries meet strict quality and control standards, ensuring the highest levels of performance. Click here to view all VB Power batteries: http://bit.ly/1arD5SP

    Intellect Volt has garnered a reputation amongst airsoft players for manufacturing top performance batteries and chargers at an affordable price. All Intellect Volt products are designed specifically for airsoft, ensuring long lasting durability and compatibility with most airsoft products. From premium grade lithium iron and lithium polymer AEG batteries to lightning fast smart chargers, Intellect Volt has you covered. You can trust Intellect Volt batteries to keep your gun running during the heat of battle! Click here to view all Intellect Volt battery chargers: http://bit.ly/1arD5SP


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