A 1:1 Scale: Compact Replicas

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    \'A 1:1 Scale: Compact Replicas of Airsoft\"
    By Adam Cawthon

    It can easily be said that there are some gargantuan replicas of Real-World weapons in the world of airsoft. Like the A&K M60 or the ICS MGL. Perhaps even the ARES WA2000 or any L96 replica. Some may even consider the M16 or the Desert Eagle to be large.

    The M60, a cumbersome weapon.

    But, there\'s arguably a market for more compact replicas. Whether it be compact pistols, assault rifles, or submachine guns, there are a wide variety of these compact replicas available.

    Compact Assault Rifles

    For many, when one says \'assault rifle\', they think of a Russian AK rifle, or an American AR rifle. These rifles can be seen as lanky or large to some smaller airsofters, or anyone, really. For people wanting superior firepower in a smaller package, airsoft or real steel, there are a few options for them; we\'ll focus on the H&K G36c and a bullpup weapon, the Styer AUG.

    The Heckler & Koch G36c is made in Germany. With most assault rifles measuring up to 40\" in length, the G36c\'s length is only just under 20\" with the stock folded. With the accolade of being the shortest 5.56 carbine produced, this is a great choice for any airsofter looking for a smaller weapon.


    The Styer AUG was designed in the 1980s in Austria. This blast from the past, despite its futuristic looks, is in use by the Austrian Army as well as the Australian army utilizing its own model. Measuring in at 31.7\", this weapon boasts the same remarkable accuracy as the M16 thanks to its same barrel length. The A1 model of the AUG comes standard with a foldable foregrip and integrated low-power scope.


    Compact Submachine Guns

    While submachine guns are pretty compact already, there are definitely some manufacturers who go above and beyond the demand. In this section, we\'ll cover the world-famous Fabrique Nationale Herstal P90 and the Russian-made PP-19 Bizon.

    FN Herstal is a world-renowned firearms manufacturer. Not only making the M249 Support weapon currently in use by US Forces, they\'ve outdone themselves when they made the P90. At only 19.7\" long, this personal defense weapon is a great choice for anyone desiring a short SMG.


    The PP-19 Bizon was first made in the 1990s by Izhmash. Measuring in at just 16.7\" long with its stock folded, this SMG is one of very short stature. Before 2013, there was no airsoft PP-19, but thanks to Silverback, we now have one!


    Compact Handguns

    Like SMG, pistols are already pretty small. But with some replicas as large as the Desert Eagle on the market, a vertically challenged airsofter may think twice about purchasing one. They may rather spend money on the USP Compact or the Colt .25.

    The USP Compact, or USPc, is made by previously mentioned H&K. This pistol can be as conventional as a standard length pistol at a fraction of the size. With a length about three inches shorter than its full-sized USP45 counterpart, this replica can be a wonderful sidearm choice for any airsofter.


    The Colt .25 (Or its official name, the Colt Model 1908 Vest Pocket) is admittedly one of the smallest conventional firearms in the world. Coming in at only 4.5\", this weapon is essentially the definition of compact. You can pick up an HFC gas NBB .25 for under $30 and hide it away. Although not very practical in airsoft applications, it never hurts to have a backup plan.

    Colt 25

    So, as we\'ve learned, there are many compact replicas that make a near-perfect balance of weapon replicas, large or small. No matter how you play, always be sure to play safely. A compact airsoft replica can get people hurt just the same as a large one. With this information in mind, don\'t hesitate to pick up that P90 you were looking at. And as always, stay frosty.


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