A Brief Overview of AK47 Airsoft Guns

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    While other weapon systems are known for their proven accuracy and ergonomic features, there\'s no doubting the AK47\'s sheer stopping power. Its countless appearances in popular culture only confirms its place as one of the most powerful assault rifles in history.

    Only slightly behind the M4 when it comes to airsoft production volume, airsoft AK47 AEGS as well as its variants -- most notably the AK74 -- are among the most popular gun models in airsoft. Manufacturers continually design and produce more modernized variants for the market, including the ASK209 PMC by APS; Red Jacket RS-KP by Elite Force; and RedStar AKS-74U by Echo1. Not to mention all of CYMA\'s extensive AK line of airsoft rifles.

    A large number of airsoft AKs feature standard and railed versions. If you\'re new to airsoft, it\'s never a bad idea to go for traditional versions of these AEG models. Many aftermarket parts can be installed on these airsoft guns to customize them later on. For the most part, most airsoft AKs come with a fixed stock (in both real and faux wood), though there are many different other styles available.

    Users who want more control and comfort can replace the existing stock with an LE stock made specifically for most AK airsoft guns. These airsoft rifles can also easily be upgraded with aftermarket rail systems and scope mounts, providing players with a platform to attach any number of aftermarket accessories. These relatively inexpensive upgrades give your AEG the ability to mount tactical accessories like laser units, vertical foregrips, and even grenade launchers.

    Some AK models, most notably the AK74 series, have a side-mounting rail on the receiver, designed to be compatible with most AK scope mounts. Installing a compatible AK optics mount is a simple process that allows you to mount a variety of aftermarket scopes. And while most AK AEGs have an ammo-carrying capacity of at least 600 rounds, you can easily double that by using a double magazine clamp or an electric winding drum magazine (for those players who prefer support positions).

    As a final note, while aftermarket parts are available for AK47 and AK74 airsoft guns, there are many variations on the market that come with factory-installed folding stocks, retractable crane stocks, railed handguards/gas blocks, and even an integrated optic rails.

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