Ahhh, the life of an Airsmith...

  1. Sparky_D
    In the last three months, I have attended exactly one event. I have been so busy dealing with other peoples guns, I still haven’t finished the upgrades and parts swaps on my own guns. Sure, I have quite a few AEGs that are ready to go, and have been since I finished them early last year, but everyone knows those guns. I want to bring something different (for me, at least) to this years games. Anyway, to help spread my knowledge of the inner workings of all things AEG (and hopefully get out from underneath all the work I have lined up), I recently took on an apprentice. He had posted on my local Craigslist that he was looking for an airsoft tech to upgrade his gun. After about a dozen emails and a hundred text messages, I told him I’d do the work, but I expected him to pay attention so he could learn how to do it himself. Well, the first upgrade went as smoothly as any I have ever done. Of course, once he fielded the gun, his team mates were asking where he’d gotten the work done. Needless to say, that pretty much filled my winter free time with work. Along the way, my apprentice continued to grow in his knowledge of AEGs, specifically the troublesome V2 GB. He jokingly referred to me as “Master” one evening, so in return, I now call him Padawan. (Yes, shameless take on the Star Wars Jedi, but I’m a fan, so sue me…lol) He’s gotten quite good at diagnosing problems too. He recently asked what could be causing a particular problem, and when I recommended a course of action, he had already begun to do that. Not to say he’s ready to go solo quite yet. The other night, he texted me with a problem he was having with his new P90. He had just installed a MOSFET, and the gun would not shoot. The motor was getting power, but the gearbox would not turn. He began to think it was a bad motor, or a bad shim job, or a bad MOSFET. When I asked him if he was sure he hooked up the MOSFET properly and didn’t reverse the polarity, I got silence from the other end. The following day, I asked him “So, did you blow it up?” He replied, “Nah, you were right… I wired it backwards…” So the moral of this story is what? I don’t know, I just thought it was humorous. So, anyway, I just finished an ICS M4 project for one of his friends, I’ve got his DMR to work on. Plus, two Galaxy MP5Ks that need work, a leaking TM MK23 magazine, two CM030’s, another MP5 needing some work, a hand full of MOSFETs to build, and a few custom AK mod projects I’d like to get to as well. Hopefully I'll find some time to play too!

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