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    So, you've saved up some cash and have been looking to buy a new gun, some extra gear, or something of the sort. Well, this may sound stupid, but I'll help you on your quest to buy the right gear for yourself.

    The first step is to figure out your budget. You may have anywhere from $100 to $500, but it'll all go to waste if you don't know how to manage it. If you're getting a gun, then you typically need at least $100-$120 for a low-end AEG/GBB rifle. You usually want to spend the majority (60%-75%) of your budget on your gun, and then the rest can be spent on accessories, such as a battery, gas, a charger, etc. So if you have $250, spend about $150 or so on your gun. TIP: Add what you need to cart first, and then look around for similar products that are cheaper and try to level off to your budget. If you can't get what you want, try to sell something, ask your parents for some extra cash, or if you have a job, wait until your next paycheck.

    Trust me, it'll be worth it. Buy your gear based on what you are planning to do. If you're gonna play in your backyard, buy a cheap springer and use that, because spending $600 on a uber-fancy Polarstar just to play in your yard would be pretty pointless. So, on with the "what you need" part, depending on what position and field type you're planning to play on, you have to get the gear to fit that preference.
    What you want to look for in a (Below) weapon:

    - Stubby size or short length
    - Decent barrel length
    - Good fire rate
    - Grouping of maybe 12in. at 100ft.

    - Longer barrel for better range
    - Small grouping at around 100ft.


    - Spring action (a gas/electric sniper is kinda useless IMHO)
    - LONG barrel
    - Good camo/color
    - Other things: buy a leaf-mesh covering for your gun if you want, and get camo gear for yourself to complete the loadout

    - Semi-accurate LMG or modded assault rifle
    - Lots of ammo (support positions are made for suppressive fire)
    - This may sound dumb, but it may actually be beneficial to have some spread at around 75ft., mostly for the suppressive effect

    Other things: buy a chest rig, some extra mags, and a cheap shotgun (if you can afford it) as a sidearm


    When buying a sidearm, make sure it is super-durable! Pistols are usually snapped out of a holster or pocket, and that simple action may damage the slide or scratch up the body of the gun.

    WE (the brand)... Their guns are relatively good, but they sometimes can have some really bad nozzles and break on the first shot. Check reviews and possibly other brands. Don't avoid WE altogether though.

    Of course, you can buy whatever you want no matter what position you're planning to play, but these are just some suggestions on what to look for.

    Obviously, always make sure the gun is made of durable materials and not some cheap pot metal or dollar-store plastics.

    Buying Tips:

    Only buy from reputable stores (online). I personally have had good experiences with Evike, but AirsoftGI is great, and AirSplat is pretty decent. If you see another good-looking site, Google the the name of the place and check around for customer reviews.

    Check Around! If you find something that you like, check other places to see if they have a better price, or maybe a superior gun for the same amount of cash. Sometimes, there may be "daily deals" on certain items that could be something that you were looking for.

    Coupons, Coupons, Coupons! Most airsoft websites I've been to have a coupon page on it. If not, Google the name of the site and the word "coupons" ie. Evike coupon codes. You may find a sweet 20% off deal.


    Always Check Reviews. That item you're looking at may seem awesome, but if you haven't used it or handled it in person, you may be paying for a SCHWEET-looking gun with a plastic gearbox. I personally usually spend an hour looking on YouTube, Googling, and just simply checking around for reviews, since I want to get the most for my money.

    Buy in bulk if you need to, sometimes you can save about 10% rather than buying 1 by 1.

    Hopefully, if you got all the way down here, just follow these steps, and you'll have a (maybe) great airsoft shopping experience.

    Well, thanks for reading this whole thing if you did, have a good day!

    (This article is the first of a trio of semi-short articles I'll be writing for this website)


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