Airsoft extras help film upcoming zombie flick

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    Some 30 Maryland milsim airsofters volunteered their unique services to double as a platoon of Uncle's last remaining troops on camera to draw a line in the sand and stop a zombie breakout in its tracks.

    (Peace, through superior 6mm firepower! Photo from My Boring Zombie Apocalypse via Facebook)

    The film

    Baltimore filmmaker Kevin A. Perkins is in the process of finishing his undead horror picture, My Boring Zombie Apocalypse. Working throughout the region over the past couple years, the film is fast taking shape.

    Perkins has already talked the crew from Ace of Cakes into appearing in a cameo role in the film apparently:

    This month was the climactic scene in the film, which pitted some 30 volunteer "zombies" against a like number of volunteer milsim operators.

    The shoot

    Largely coordinated through Bel Air, Maryland-based East Coast Airsoft, a platoon-sized detachment of airsofters donated their time and unique services to help provide Perkins enough on-screen military presence to capture the life and (un)death struggle between the two opposing sides in the quest for brains.

    "It's pretty much replicating what the military does," Matt Gabriel, the 23-year-old co-owner of East Coast Airsoft told the Baltimore Sun, who covered the filming as a human interest story. After all, how often is there open zombie warfare in the streets?

    This included fighting from a similarly volunteered military-themed Mercedes-Benz Unimog.

    (Not bad looking overall...Photo from My Boring Zombie Apocalypse via Facebook)

    Perkins, for his part, seems to be pleased with the event. As described in a post to the MBZA's social media page, "It was an apocalyptic day on Saturday, November 1st - the Day of the Dead - when valiant soldiers from our combined military forces fought the undead hordes in what became known as the 'Battle for Bel Air', the turning point in the zombie wars."

    My Boring Zombie Apocalypse is set for release in 2015.

    Other airsoft contributions

    This is not the first time that Old Line State airsofters have pitched in to help for a good cause when needed. Last month members of the Southern Maryland Ground Unit went all out for breast cancer research. This included holding a special event in which they asked all participants to pay a $5 admission fee as well as other donations, to go toward the fight against cancer.

    According to SoMdNews, one of the organizers even promised to wear pink dress during the competition if the team collected at least $500.

    This goes to show guys, its all about positive interactions with the overall Airsoft Society, and our communities.

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