Airsoft Safety: Airsoft Etiquette

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    A stream of BBs zip by your opponent before one barely makes contact and then another, with the last one landing square in the chest. Yet your shooting skills haven't convinced the player, who either doesn't seem to know the rules or appears to be defying them all together. This friendly game can easily turn into a sour situation if players run into poor judgment. This is why its always important to keep your cool and do the right thing.

    Airsoft Megastore TVs Vince Mann talks about airsoft etiquette and what to do in one of the several series of videos that have been rolling out each week during the June Boot Camp Sale, which offers up to 30 percent off on select items.

    As Vince notes, there is a wrong and right way to resolve the issue. The wrong way would be to yell at your opponent, sharing their unwillingness to call out their hits to the entire field. The other would involve directly confronting the alleged cheater (an extremely bad idea). But the good, and universally acceptable, way to resolve the situation, as Vince says, is to calmly get the attention of trusty referees, giving them the responsibility of handling the situation and confronting the potential violator. Don't take these issues into your own hands and let the field official take control. Ultimately, they will decide whether that player is breaking the rules and whether to them out of the game or not.

    But players who don't call their hits are not always at fault. Some airsofters lug thick layers of gear and accessories that they physically cant feel the BBs that are clearly making contact onto them. That and the adrenaline rush the airsoft can result in can make it a challenge for players to rightfully call their hits.

    "Give the player the benefit of the doubt until they prove to you otherwise," Vince says. "Don't even think about using excessive force on another player. Remember, airsoft is about honesty and sportsmanship - and integrity."

    In addition to wearing sufficient eye protection and following proper airsoft gun safety, sportsmanship and honesty have allowed airsoft to continue grow into the sport it is today. Its also important to note that airsoft does not require players to make physical contact with each other. Unless someone is dragging a downed player into a safe zone or is performing a knife kill, which is generally avoided if you are not familiar with the people you are playing with, no one should be manhandling other players. Keep the sport fun by playing safe and being responsible.

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