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    Playing airsoft without proper airsoft rated eye protection is like driving a car without brakes, both being extremely dangerous and nearly certain to lead to injury. Considering the fact that humans are only equipped with two eyes, and that airsoft couldn't be played without eyesight, the logical decision would be to wear a pair of safety rated eye protection anytime you're planning on playing airsoft. However, it is surprising how often players skimp on their eye protection, and instead spend their hard earned money on more accessories or gear! While we love tricking out our airsoft guns just as much as the next airsoft payer, we recommend that your first consideration before heading to the airsoft field should be your eye protection.

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    So what is "proper" airsoft eye protection? Most airsoft fields require full seal safety rated glasses at a minimum; however, they highly recommend full seal safety rated goggles or full face masks. Safety/Shooting glasses are fine for target practice in the backyard, however, they often leave open spaces around the corners of your eyes, making them unsuitable for airsoft skirmishes. There are many different ratings for eye protection on the market. The minimum rating recommended for airsoft is ANSI Z87.1, which may also include a "+" sign after number indicating that the eye protection has been tested to withstand high velocity impacts. Not only should your airsoft eye protection meet these safety rating requirements, your eye protection should also be comfortable and fog resistant. It doesn't matter how much range your airsoft gun has or how accurate your gun is if you can't see through your fogged lenses!

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    While some of the military grade airsoft eye protection, from manufacturers such as Revision and Wiley X, can cost upwards of $80.00, there are many more affordable options that don't break the bank, such as Bobster and G-Force. Airsoft Megastore carries one of the widest selections of safety rated airsoft eye protection, at prices you can afford! So whether you're a hardcore Mil Sim airsofter or a player on a budget, we've got you covered.

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    Airsoft should be a fun and safe experience, and equipping yourself with the right pair of safety rated eye protection ensures that it stays that way. Check out our full selection of safety rated eye airsoft eye protection!

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