Airsoft Safety: Proper Airsoft Gun Safety

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    Airsoft guns are designed to be nearly identical replicas to real firearms, and as such they should be handled with the same safety precautions as a real firearm. First and foremost, airsoft guns should never be brought out or used in public. This is not only important for your safety, but also for the safety of your community and the reputation of airsoft. The only way an airsoft gun should be transported between your home and the airsoft field is in a sealed gun bag or case, stored in the trunk or rear compartment of your vehicle.

    While in storage, an airsoft gun should always be placed on safe, with the magazine ejected and its power source removed. This simple process greatly reduces the risk of accidentally firing the airsoft gun at an unintended target. While handling an airsoft gun, it is important to always follow the four safety principles: 1) Treat every gun as if it were loaded; 2) Never point the gun at a person or target that you do not intend to shoot; 3) Keep your finger off the trigger until you are ready to fire; 4) Keep the gun on safe until you are ready to fire. These steps should always be followed whether on or off the field.

    Before coming off the airsoft field and walking into a safe zone where firing is not permitted, you should always eject your airsoft gun's magazine and clear the gun's chamber. This process ensures that you and your fellow players are safe while reloading or taking a break off the field. Another important safety precaution when firing your airsoft gun is to make sure that your firing lane is clear of other nearby players. Players new to airsoft can frequently be seen firing their airsoft guns and adjusting their hop up while their fellow players or teammates are in front of their line of fire. You should always make sure to fire in a safe direction when dialing in your hop up, and step forward of other players if necessary to prevent accidentally hitting another player at an unsafe distance.

    Practicing these important safety precautions keeps you and those around you safe, setting a good example for new airsoft players! If you encounter someone who is not following these safety rules, it is important to point out the rules to them in a non-confrontational tone. Just as it is your responsibility to be safe while playing airsoft, it is also your responsibility to alert someone if you see someone playing in an unsafe or irresponsible manner.

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