Airsoft Safety: Where To Play Airsoft

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    Airsoft is still a growing sport, which means most people aren't familiar with airsoft guns, and if they see you running after your friend through your front yard wielding a full size AEG, chances are they will call the police. As an airsoft player, it is your responsibility to find an appropriate place to play. One bad decision could have a dramatic effect on all airsoft players nationwide, which is why Airsoft Megastore recommends that you only play at sanctioned, insured, and licensed airsoft facilities. By playing at a legal airsoft field you are not only keeping yourself safe, you are also keeping airsoft's reputation safe. If you see or hear of airsoft players playing in areas that could be potentially dangerous, it is your responsibility to correct them and inform them of better alternatives.

    If you are just starting out in airsoft and are wondering where you can play, one of the best sources is the internet. Each state has plenty of airsoft fields, and the Airsoft Society forum is a great place to find new fields, and talk with players about their experiences playing at the field. If you have trouble finding an airsoft field on the internet, or if you are looking for personal field recommendations, you can always ask around at your local airsoft shop. In most cases, they would be happy to steer new players towards fields that will accommodate their needs.

    Check out our latest "Airsoft Safety" video, and remember, never play airsoft in an unsanctioned area. Those who are not familiar to the sport may mistakenly believe that airsoft guns and gear are the real thing. Learn where to play airsoft safely by watching this video!

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