AirsoftSociety Launches New Platform

  1. Shooter
    The premiere online Airsoft /MilSim enthusiast destination,, has formally released its new social content and network platform.

    Running on a new proprietary platform by Group Builder, the new provides clarity and simplicity in both forum and content accessibility while offering an easy user interface unknown to the industry thus far.

    Front Page - A new front page content management system provides instant access to the hand selected top content of the day.

    Classifieds - Classifieds takes a new approach by providing information and content without having to navigate from the main page. We have also advanced the organization in order to make searching for items faster, easier, and more precise with the first day seeing 80 new submissions.

    Registries - Maintaining our focus of developing a player oriented community, we have released the personal Gun and Player Registries. With a new layout and modern style, players have been steadily adding themselves and we are now hosting one of the largest player and gun databases in our sport.

    Reviews - One of the most important features is now one of the simplest to operate and utilize. With improved functionality and more interactive features, our reviews allow the user to find the gun that fits their exact need.

    Articles - Building a great article database is pivotal to cementing our standing as the world’s most comprehensive Airsoft site. With our new system we have centralized article access for press releases, news and industry updates.

    Forum - For the forum we have implemented code changes that allow AirsoftSociety to work faster and more efficient cutting down on page load and search times. This allows for easier navigation and allows for the increase in traffic we have experienced over the last four years.

    Founded in 2007 AirsoftSociety was developed out of a need for an international community comprised of friendly knowledgeable members who have a passion for playing and seek to meet the challenges of both the sport and the culture developing around it. Currently serving pages to over 68,000 visitors Airsoft Society is now the premier online Airsoft Community.

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