Articles from r1p_c0rd

  1. Smiley

    the smiley looked like te most fun to do so i started with that this is the "virtual" photoshopped mask (the mask in this photo is acually of the copy plastic mask, i didn't havr=e a photo of mine handy so i just grabbed one off the internet, you can see the lip around the edge of the mask): this is the completed: but i felt it looked a little "new" so i gave it a more "used" look, a few oily finger prints and a couple of scratches...: here is the finished mask with full gear:
  2. ballistic mask project

    about a year ago i got hold of a level IIA ballistic face mask (a real one as opposed to the cheesy plastic copies...) anyone that knows me know i never leave anything as i found it and as usual my creative juices started to flow and i couldn't help myself from "ripping" the mask so i messed around with photoshop and came up with a few designs to put on the mask, so i thought i would document the project here... here are a few of the designs i came up with: