Bakelight & Steel AK Mags Breakdown

  1. Cornerpedler
    You would be right: Polymer Magazines (Bakelite): [​IMG] Polymer magazines are made to function in the AK-74 and newer AK variants. However some countries did produce a polymer magazine to fit the AK-47 and AK-74M1A1 such as: Bulgaria, China, Germany and Russia. The Russian and Bulgarian Bakelite magazines tend to sell for higher prices, since only a small lot entered the country. The East German AK-74 magazines tend to sell for around $10.00 each. The East German Bakelite magazines can also be modified to feed 31 rounds of .223, which is a possible solution to the high prices on .223 magazines. All Bakelite magazines are very strong and built to take great punishment. Bakelite magazines have both the feed lip section and the lower base plate mounting area reinforced inside the bakelite by metal inserts. These types of magazines usually display black ink stamps or raised stamps and the base plates are normally ribbed. Steel Magazines: [​IMG] Steel magazines are made to function in the AK-47 using the 7.62x39. Some countries have modified the design to be used in .223 caliber AK's and 5.45x39 AK's. However most countries have gone away from using steel magazines due to corrosion. While steel is very strong, it is also extremely prone to rust in the field. The first steel AK magazines were blued and were made out of sheet metal, with straight sides. Later the design was modified to include ribbed sheet metal to increase strength. The magazines were also coated in a black (parkerized/paint) finish to help prevent rust. Info thanks to:

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