Dboys SCAR-L (MK16)

By Sharp, Aug 19, 2011 | |
  1. Sharp
    Well my SCAR finally arrived after trading my M4, and I am awestruck at it's performance. This is the best clone gun I've handled, both internally and externally I am impressed with the quality. It's definitely not grade A stuff but I easily prefer it over my old CYMA M14, CYMA AK, and JG G36C. Not to mention I got it for an amazing deal, my gbb M4 for this gun, 8 PMAGs, a KWA USP with leaky mag, and a lipo and 8.4. Happy day is happy.

    I took it out to my local field last night and I was knocking people out from 120ft and it just felt good in my hands, although a little heavy.

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