DIY Slings for Airsoft Rifles

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    When engaging in Airsoft, it is essential to be able to carry your weapon of choice. In the case of rifles and the like, carrying can be somewhat cumbersome at times. If you attempt to do so by hand, it can fatigue your hand and arm muscles, but if you opt to utilize a sling, you will be much better off.

    There are many types of slings that can be used to outfit an Airsoft rifle. Besides ready-made-slings, you can make your own.

    When it comes to making your own, this can be done easily with paracord, which in itself has many advantages. 550 Paracord is a highly recommended survival tool that has uses up to and including saving lives in many situations, some of which you can experience during Airsoft games. If you decide to camp, paracord can make a good ridgeline for tents. Should someone become injured, paracord can be used as a sling component to stabilize sprains or broken bones.

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    Making a sling from paracord is easy to do. To start, you will need the proper fittings for your rifle. In some cases sling swivels might be necessary depending on your setup. Also useful are HK-type snaps, which can snap onto sling swivels that are already in place as well as other types of mount. Make this decision ahead of time and be sure that what you are purchasing will fit and work for the purpose you have in mind.

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    Once your hardware is planned, it is time to pick out some paracord. This can be found in a variety of online settings as well as your local army navy store. It runs about $8-$10 per hank of 100 feet, although it can sometimes be bought in smaller sections. You will need to measure how long you want your sling to be and plan to have at least one foot of paracord for every tied inch of cord you would like to have in your sling. It is also important to decide if a single point or two point sling will better fit your needs and preferences.

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    Single color slings are easy enough to make; simply wind the cord around one of your planned mounts, then measure away from that mount the amount of sling length you wish to have. Loop the cord around the second mount and begin tying back toward the first. When you are out of space, cut the excess and carefully seal loose ends with a burn from a lighter. Slings with two colors require two sections of cord to make. These can be bonded together with a burn or you can instead tuck some excess up inside the sling and tie over it, which is useful because burns can be unsightly and the fewer you have, the better your sling will look.

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    There are several types of knot you can tie to make a sling and tutorials are available online. A personal favorite is the cobra stitch, AKA Portuguese Sinnet or Solomon's Bar.

    Basic paracord sling instructions using a cobra stitch, of course color choice, width, etc are all up to you.

    It is easy to tie and has a nice, flat appearance that is comfortable on your shoulder. If you prefer something wider, you can double back and tie a second layer, but don't forget to plan for the necessary cord to do this.

    Regardless of the type of knot you choose, a paracord sling will not let you down. Paracord is known for its durability, having a tensile strength of 550lbs and being resistant to mildew or rot.

    What type of sling do you use on your Airsoft gear? Is paracord a part of your aresenal? Let us know in the comments.

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