Double trouble: Airsoft G and G GSS sniper rifle review

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    A Canadian-based forum member relates his tale of woe, times two, in an attempt to fall in love with the G&G GSS sniper rifle based on the VSS Vintorez, a Soviet suppressed sniper rifle developed in the late 1980s for undercover or clandestine operations; a role made evident by its ability to be stripped down for transport in a specially fitted briefcase.

    Without further, we give it over to Maddad:

    I thought this would be a cool rifle to get, but after two tries I have given up.

    Here is my review for what its worth.

    I ordered this from Hero Outdoors in Canada (watch out with them ill do another review of them later). When it came it wasn't in the box it was suppose to come in. Things went down hill from there. Looking at the gun it was well used or a floor model, the orange tip was scared up like someone tried to remove it, barrel was scratched up, and the wood stock was cracked. But i tried shooting it anyway. Would not shoot any bbs no mater what i tried. So it went back.

    I received a replacement about a month later, it was in a nice new box and Hero was nice, at that time, and threw in a sling for it. I was exited to try it out. Charged up the batteries, cleaned out the barrel, oiled up the rifle and waited for the battery to charge. Filled the mag with G&G bbs and tried to fire some bbs at a target. Nothing! Just pop,pop,pop,pop. No bbs. the big F word!! So i tried switching the fire selector switch and it came right out of the gun, the gun started firing on full auto but lucky no bbs were coming out. I had to pull the mag, take the barrel off, and pull the battery out to get it to stop. Needless to say it went back too.

    Here is some info on a rifle that never shot bbs.

    G&G GSS sniper rifle based on the VSS Vintorez, a Russian suppressed sniper rifle developed in the late 1980s for undercover or clandestine operations; a role made evident by its ability to be stripped down for transport in a specially fitted briefcase. The GSS is a G&G manufactured replica from their Advanced line, which has high quality manufacture external and internal parts. This rifle looks and feels really solid.

    The GSS rifle can be disassembled into two parts easily by pressing a locking pin (located behind the bolt cover on the stock) and allows for easy storage. One part is the body with silencer, the another is the stock with motor located in the pistol grip. The safety lever is located on the right side, like on AK type replicas. But the fire selector is located inside the trigger guard. I didn't like this, especially on the second gun, when it came right out and the gun started firing by its self on full auto, no bbs shooting out, lucky! That was the end of the review for that gun. It was sent back too.

    Also the GSS has a side mounting rail allows for additional optics.

    The GSS rifle is made using a lot of steel. The receiver cover, rear sight base, ironsights, cocking lever, safety lever and the whole integral silencer are made from steel. The body and smaller parts are made from metal (ZnAl, Aluminium 6061). The stock is made from varnished natural wood, and rubber stock pad. The hand guard, is made from rugged polymer.

    The G&G engineers came up with a few design innovations the GSS has electronic chip which cuts off power after the last bb is shot or when the magazine is removed. Also before first shot the cocking lever must be pulled, adds realism to shooting. There is a special button located inside the mag well that can be pressed in order to shoot without the mag being installed. The mag well also houses LED light showing info about battery power level and gears position.

    One great idea is the fast spring change system. To change the spring the receiver cover must be taken out and plug with spring guide be twisted from the back of gearbox to access and replace the spring, that's it! I Like that!

    The GSS is powered by a dedicated Li-MN Stick battery held inside the silencer. (Gun package includes two of these batteries) and also has a included Tamiya small type adapter making it possible to use a reg. stick LiPo battery which can fit into the silencer. The silencer itself is disassembled by removing ring near the body. On the first gun I had received the plastic cap where the battery connection and wiring is came right off when removing the battery just held in with plastic tabs. Second gun that didn't happen. But other things did.

    The internals are made with the standard G&G precision, with few interesting innovations. The replica has specially designed gearbox with 8mm ball bearings and is powered by a 25000 rpm High-torque motor (which has a adjustment for the motor on the bottom of the pistol grip), and a stock M120 spring which is to give ~400FPS muzzle velocity.

    Never got to find out.

    Oh and it also includes polymer 250 round hi-cap magazine.

    Package Includes: Gun, Magazine, 2x 11.1V 1100mAh Li-MN 20C Battery, LiPo Charger, Battery Converter, cleaning rod, adaptor for LiPo batteries & manual.
    The second one had a beautiful quick-detach real wood stock/grip
    Full metal:
    receiver, barrel assembly, front and rear sight, selector switch, bolt handle, and bolt cover.
    Trigger cut-off feature when the magazine is not inserted
    Length: ~900mm
    Weight: 3500g
    Inner Barrel: 430mm bore: 6.04 mm
    Magazine Capacity: 250rds VSS Magazine
    Muzzle Velocity: 350~400 FPS (Measured with 0.20g BBs) as stated but not tested here.
    Gearbox: Ver 3 Full Metal with reinforced internal parts (8mm bearings)
    Motor: Short Type
    Fire Modes: Semi/Full-Auto, Safety
    Battery: 11.1V 1100mAh Li-MN 15C Battery (includes two)
    Hopup: Yes, Adjustable

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