Drawing the Boundary between Airsoft Gun Toys and Real Weapons

  1. broussey
    Airsoft guns are designed as replica firearms used for recreational purposes. These are not real weapons but toys, which resemble real guns, and they are used in airsoft sport. This sport is becoming popular among young people, and families are finding it as a way of exercising and teaching the kids to be responsible. But these gun toys could be confused with real guns and the implications can be devastating.

    Rules for Children

    Although there are regulations, which govern the use of these toy weapons, when they are used improperly, they can create problems. There are issues which need to be critically observed when allowing children to use these toys.


    • Airsoft guns look real: These toy guns just look like real guns and they may easily be confused with the real ones. Users have to be cautious where and how they use them. The federal law demands the manufacturers of these toy guns label them with markings to distinguish them from the real guns.
    • A common practice used by manufacturers is to affix an orange tip at the muzzle point but this can be removed by the kids at home. Continuing to use such unmarked toy guns in the public may create confusion. In October, a juvenile was shot and killed by sheriff's deputies in northern California; Santa Rosa after being suspected of carrying a real gun, but it was actually a pellet gun or a toy gun.
    • Airsoft guns can hurt: these toys guns can cause pain but this depends directly on the velocity set. Users should set a maximum effective range of the weapons for safe use. Impact rated goggles are needed to protect sensitive areas like the eyes.
    • The realism of airsoft may be worrying: people may be uneasy with these toy guns, something that raises some level of distrust of the sport. Since the guns are quite potentially dangerous when used improperly, children need to be guided when they use. The muzzle velocity should be measured rightly to make sure that the toys operate at safe speeds to prevent hurting people.

    • Parents' role: The popularity of airsoft sport is exploding and airsoft rifles are becoming popular because of their realism. However, parents have a role to play to keep their children protected. Unlike video games, the airsoft games have real life consequences since when the toy gun users shoot they inflict pain.
    • That is how users learn they have made a mistake, and the game can be essential for teaching combating skills. But patents who know their children indulge in this game and other violent games should guide them.

    • Airsoft guns not sold to juveniles- The airsoft toy guns are not sold to minors under the age of 18. These weapons should be treated as real weapons because of their nature. They are not easily distinguished from real guns. Although they are made for recreational use like the paintball guns, they can confuse the law enforcement, scare people, and even endanger the life of children.

    A clear line of distinction between airsoft toy rifles and real guns should be drawn and parents need to help their kids understand the safe uses of these sport and enjoyable weapons.

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