Dudes check it out

    OK here it is, the moment you've all been waiting for...the camouflage of my gun. First, My gun without any camo (besides the grips, silencer, and parts of the outer barrel): [​IMG] And now.......... Me Holding my gun with camo: [​IMG] My gun on the bed: [​IMG] Am I amazing or what. Hopefully I'll get some more pics of me using it, possibly in a game, but just from setting it out in the woods and stepping 30 feet back it's hard to see, it blends really well and has very little glare. I got the stuff I used for the camo at a craft store, its basically a 20 foot long fake vine of leaves, I tied it through my front sight and wound it around and across my gun and tied it through the stock. I also have a lot of stuff left over from the ghillie suit I made, that are camo strips of cloth and burlap, and I may tie that on my gun if needed.

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