EvikeTV News Update! Franchi SAS 12, Airsoft Mythbusting, Guns and Coffee

By Evike, Jul 25, 2013 | |
  1. Evike
    Airsofters! In this EvikeTV news update we bring you another episode of Airsoft Mythbusting, The Gun Corner, our special coffee, and piece of Matt's mind :)

    Franchi SAS 12 Three Round Spring Shotgun:


    - - -

    Akimbo / Dual Wielding. Effective or just for Hollywood?


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    Guns & Coffee 100% Arabica Premium Coffee - 1lb Sealed Bag
    The #1 Airsoft Distributor is working with the #1 Coffee Roasting facility in the USA to introduce Guns & Coffee. You owe it to yourself to try the best coffee in the world especially if you love guns and you love coffee.



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    A brief insight into what Matt thinks about in relation to airsoft, news, and various other things through out the day. Matt get's close and personal in this episode discussing why M4's are so popular in the airsoft industry.

    What other topics would you like Matt to express his thoughts on?


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