EvikeTV News Update! G&P Nano, Lonex M4, and a special gun for Niko.

By Evike, Jul 8, 2013 | |
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    What's going on airsofters! We hope your 4th of July was patriotically filled with barbeque, cannon balls in the pool, and fireworks! Here are the latest videos from the EvikeTV crew.

    The new full metal Lonex M4's are here. Lonex has been producing the
    ever popular Flash Mag and now have released their full metal AEG.

    Product link: http://www.evike.com/index.php?cPath=21_44_901


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    A very cool tactical and practical light used for Airsoft, Every Day
    Carry (EDC) and Tactical/Survival situations. Inspired by Iron Man's ARC
    reactor, the Evike.com G&P Nano light features high power in an
    unbelievable compact size. With an output equivalent to a car light, the
    G&P Nano light is the size of a normal AA battery. Best of all, the
    Nano light is equipped with integrated A.I. controller allowing you to
    quickly switch between dim light, full light and S.O.S. strobe modes. It
    is more than just a powerful hand-held combat light, but a personal
    light that fits comfortably into your pocket for your everyday use.

    Product link: http://www.evike.com/product_info.php?cPath=33_188&products_id=43482


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    Nike from Corridor Digital wanted to make the craziest airsoft SMG out there... Here is what happened!


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