EvikeTV News Update! KWA ATP Auto, HK417D, E32013, and more!

By Evike, Jun 18, 2013 | |
  1. Evike
    This week has been busy and we have a lot of content for you! New 5.11 Tactical belts, KWA's new ATP, a special HK417D, a custom made CIRAS, and event coverage of E3 2013 is all wrapped up in todays update!

    - -

    5.11 has created two new belt systems. The Maverick Cobra Belt is a very
    durable shooters and every day use belt. Very stiff 5088 webbing, and a
    cobra buckle make this belt a true riggers belt. The Brokos Battle belt
    is a new, light weight battle belt which has some very unique features.
    Both belts can be found here.


    - -

    KWA has came out with an auto version of your favorite ATP.
    Unfortunately, it's not up for pre-order but it will be hitting the
    shelves of Evike.com soon!


    - -

    The H&K HK417D 350C
    is a world-wide limited edition model available almost
    semi-exclusively here at Evike.com. We were very fortunate to obtain
    the serial 000001 signed by H&K USA President, Wayne Webber!


    - -

    Matrix. Baby. CIRAS. Your baby just got tacticute. Here is a preview!


    - -

    We were invited by Capcom to attend E3. EvikeTV team took a camera
    and filmed what they could. For more information stay tuned! In
    addition to that, EvikeMatt and Asian Shades was recently featured a
    commercial with MSGT Mullen (Ranger Hall of Fame) that was shot at this
    past OP Lion Claws XII! BONUS!


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