EvikeTV News Update! KWC Desert Eagle CO2, Modify Mod24, Mil-Spec Monkey patches and more!

By Evike, Jun 27, 2013 | |
  1. Evike
    What's going on airsofters?! The crew here at EvikeTV has brought you some new videos this past week. Today we have a review on the KWC Desert Eagle CO2 version, an insider look at the Modify Mod24 Prototype, a quick review of our HMMWV M240B, and spotlighting Mil-Spec Monkey patches!

    Don't forget, we will be at Anime Expo July 4th-7th at the LA Convention Center! Special Guest LeeAnna Vamp will be with us from the 4th and 5th!

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    Evike Matt has a spin on this KWC "Deagle" review. We hope you enjoy the video!


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    Matt goes over the new Modify Mod24 Sniper Rifle coming to Evike shortly. It's a great platform and solid rifle!


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    New patches from Mil-spec Monkey have arrived! Make
    sure you take a look at the latest patches we have to keep your
    collection up to date!You can view the entire collection of MSM patches here


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    Many of you have been asking questions. How does it feed? What system is that? How did we get it mounted to our HMMWV? EvikeMatt takes the time to go over some features of the M240B HMMWV system and hopefully answers most of your questions.
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    Special guest LeeAnna Vamp will also be at our booth from July 4th-5th!

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