EvikeTV News Update! New Products! WE SMG8, PTS Pam AK Mags and a Look at the Matrix CIRAS

By Evike, Jul 19, 2013 | |
  1. Evike
    In case you missed it we have some new episodes of The Gun Corner, The Locker, and a quick look at the PTS US Palm Magazine!

    WE Tech has sent us the production model of their new SMG8. It will be available for purchase soon so stay tuned!


    - - -

    This re-designed Matrix "Metal Gear CIRAS" vest is the perfect vest for
    Airsoft, trainings and any type of indoor or outdoor simulations.

    The standard CIRAS vest can take hours to adjust, it has lots of layers to
    hold plates, the multiple layers of padding also made it NOT very ideal for
    Airsoft simulations.

    The "Metal Gear CIRAS" will give you the same look and features you want in
    simulations, but not kill you with it's weight and heat it produces.


    - - -

    The Magpul PTS division released this bueatiful AK magazine. Made out of a high strength polymer and fully licenses US Palm Trademarks, this magazine will make your set as unique as it can get!

    You can pick a few up here!


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