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    With major events passing such as Bad Blood, Lion Claws, and Airsoft Nation, EvikeTV has still been able to bring you episodes of The Gun Corner and The Locker.

    Here are the latest videos the past week just in case you missed them! Including our Airsoft Nation pre-event motivational video!

    - - -

    The Gun Corner - G&G GKM AK Electric Blowback

    G&G's new innovative AK series has some very unique features for the
    Airsoft AK Market. First off, it features the Patent Pending Pneumatic Blow
    Back System which uses air to push the bolt back to add realism. G&G
    has also simplified the battery options with a hand grip/Li-poly battery
    right out of the box.


    - - -

    The Locker - Defcon Wardog Tactical Pack

    The Wardog Pack by Defcon is a great new go pack for your everyday or airsoft needs. Check it out here!


    - - -

    The Gun Corner - G&G Swiss Arms SG552

    The G&G Sig Series guns are a great new addition for the "not just
    another m4 user." This gun is a solid replica of the SIG 552 and SIG
    553. Full metal and polymer furniture. The only gripe is the battery
    installation where we recommend you use the socom gear XCR lipo battery.


    - - -

    The Gun Corner - WE Biohazard M9 Autos

    The WE custom limited edition M9 Samurai Edge is an exciting new release from WE featuring your favorite zombie killing weapon! Pick one up here!


    - - -

    Airsoft Nation Pre Event Motivation


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