EvikeTV - The Gun Corner - S&T KAR 98K GBBR

By Evike, Mar 26, 2013 | |
  1. Evike
    The Matrix 98K is beyond an ordinary amazing looking collector's rifle
    with it's realistic shell ejection operation. At a glance, you
    will find this rifle made true to scale with authentic real ash wood
    stock furniture. Unlike most shell ejection collector's items, the
    Matrix KAR 98K is equipped with power, range and accuracy allowing you
    to do more than just showing off. Every part of this rifle that should
    be metal is, and every part of this rifle that should be wood, is. If
    you are looking for the ultimate 98K, you search has ended!

    Check out Matt talk about the KAR 98k in this Gun Corner episode!

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