Free Patches!

By Shooter, Jun 4, 2014 | |
  1. Shooter

    You want a chance to win 50 of the highest quality 2d patches I've ever had the pleasure of seeing? Of course you do. Whether it's for a team, an event, or just for fun, everyone loves patches, and with these superior quality examples everyone is going to ask you for more so having 50 on hand is a great idea.

    Want to win them? Me too, but I'm disqualified (too much awesome... or the entire being an admin thing.), but you can, and doing so is simple.

    Follow this link and do as the first post ask of you. Then post to the thread once complete and you're entered.

    Make sure you show our support to PVC Emblems for this great donation.

    Follow this link now to check them out.

    From everyone at PVC Emblems and we wish you luck!

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