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    Getting started in Airsoft can be tough, especially because you see everybody else with expensive gear and guns and you don't know where to start. First off, in Airsoft you don't need all this expensive gear and guns to have a great time, it just adds to the experience.

    Getting Your Gun and Mask

    So start by getting a gun. It does not have to be expensive, You can even use coupon codes at many sites that will lower the price even more which will give you 20 percent off of some items.

    When beginning airsoft you do not typically want to buy an expensive gun because well, you may find out that you are not into the sport and you are now stuck with an expensive gun that you don't use. In addition, you should invest in a paintball style mask or any type of face protection because in the end of the day who wants to lose a tooth or go blind?


    *NOTE: Mesh goggles and ski goggles/sun glasses should typically not be bought because they can break a lot easier and go into your eyes. If you have never tried airsoft before, your local field should have guns and face protection available for a small fee.

    Starting to Actually Play

    Now that you have your gun and mask you are ready to play! Don't expect yourself in the first game to be as good as the others. This will take some time and effort. When you first play, you may want to wear something with long sleeves because you will most likely get hit a lot and sometimes it can hurt. Now on that note, don't be too afraid, airsoft pellets will only typically sting for a few seconds and then it goes away.

    When you get hit yell, "Hit" and either hold up a red "Dead Rag" or just put your gun/hands in the air in a Surrender Position.


    If you don't call your hits, people will not like you. When you start to get more into airsoft, You should invest in a few extra magazines and either a plate carrier or a chest rig to hold those magazines. Many of these rigs/carriers can be bought rather inexpensively.

    Roles in Airsoft

    Many beginners start airsoft thinking that they want to be special positions like snipers from games they like such as Call of Duty. It's great that these guys want to be snipers, but In airsoft and in real life snipers don't actually do too much shooting, It is mostly laying prone for a while and providing information to your unit with shooting every once in a while.

    Some Other Roles Include:


    Rifleman- Most common soldier typically uses an assault rifle such as an M4.

    Designated Marksman- fills the gap between sniper and rifleman, Like a sniper but typically engages more often and stays with the unit, Most of the time uses upgraded assault rifles

    Grenadier- A rifleman armed with a grenade launcher

    Support- A Gunner who lays down covering fire for their unit. Typically uses SAW's such as M249, RPK, and M240B.

    Scout- Basically goes up ahead from the main group. Like a sniper but typically uses a PDW or submachine gun due to their lightweight and close-quarters ability for a scout is to be fast.

    Now get out there and play some Airsoft!

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