High Quality Airsoft Sniper Rifles

  1. uvengwa
    Looking for sniper rifle that resembles the real thing with a high-rate FPS velocity? The higher quality sniper airsoft rifles are typically $200 and over, but there are cheaper brands that run in the $60-$70 range. But for the purpose of this article, I'll highlight some quality brands that run a little higher in price, but will definitely prove to be well money spent.

    Double Eagle M50P Bolt Action Spring

    If you don't want your airsoft rifle to feel like a toy, this is a rifle to consider, since it is mostly made of metal, and you'll have to pull back the bolt for each shot. A metal rail is included for attaching the bipod, and it comes with an attached scope. It shoots 550 FPS, takes .12 BBs and carries 24 rounds.

    Its features include a precision metal barrel, tactical laser, standard metal rail and adjustable butt stock. And it comes with a scope, strap and safety glasses. If you're looking for a lighter weapon, this may not be something to consider, especially if giving to a child. This is a rifle for those wanting to experience the real thing without actually owning the live-round version. It is a great one to consider for training or just horsing around with friends. HobbyTron has this airsoft going for $109.95, and the site has a holiday special going on.

    A & K SVD Dragunov 3-9x40 Scope Package Rifle

    HobbyTron has a real-world replica of the Dragunov, but it comes without a scope, it only shoots 395 FPS, and it will set you back $320. Even though it is quality rifle with a good velocity, you can find better on Hit Guns for $160. The scope itself is consists of aircraft aluminum, and it is fog-proof. Attached to the scope is a cap that protects the lens from dust or debris. It fires 500 FPS with a 60 round capacity clip. It also comes with a detachable cheek rest on the stock that allows the shooter to rest easy while focusing on that perfect shot. This is an electric airsoft gun with an authentic bolt action feel.

    G & G G980 WWII Replica Rifle

    This one is a little on the pricier side, running in the $400 range, but it is worth it if you're looking for an authentic, historical replica. Airsoft Station has it for $450, but you can get the same gun on Airsoft GI for $405 with free shipping. This is a CO2- based bolt action rifle with a velocity of 500 FPS. The entire replica is comprised of real metal and wood, and it comes with two magazine rounds and a sling. It also comes with a rear sight adjustment for maximum long range targets. It is a great collector's item, or for conducting reenactments.

    Well MBO5 G-22 AWM APS-2

    If you're looking for a more reasonable price, this has the feel of a heavy gun while being able to shoot at a maximum velocity of anywhere from 400 to 500 FPS. And it only costs $115 on Amazon. This is a gun modeled after the L96 sniper rifle from the British army. It is a great bolt action to have if you're looking for a unique type of airsoft shooter. The only type of problem with this gun is that the trigger may break when the bolt action jams. There are very real aspects to the weapon because of its heaviness, but certain parts of the gun feel like a toy such as the plastic trigger. If you're a stickler for the real-feel of the gun, the trigger may be a bother, along with the risk in having it break easily if there are bolt issues. But the weapon is known for its accuracy and powerful impact.

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