How to choose an Arisfot Sniper and how to get help with it...

  1. Shiftyshooter
    I cry and want to tear my eyes out, when people ask this one question
    “What is a good sniper rifle for 150 bucks?“
    “Which sniper rifle is better?”
    (and yet, not posting a single option they chose). I am getting fed up with those questions, because they do not lead to anything. Here are some hints and advices on how to ask and get a better answer. The answer is simple though. There isn’t any. Why? Because any stock AEG can outperform a stock sniper rifle. You’d have to be very good with it in order to be better than a bb sprinkler AEG. There is no good stock sniper rifle for 150 dollars. Trust me on this one. I have had enough sniper rifles, upgraded some of them and poured in one of them well over a thousand dollars. Concerning internals, there isn’t a single stock thing on that rifle. Cylinder, spring guides, springs, hop-up unit, barrel, cylinder head, piston, trigger mechanism, etc. all these parts are custom made in order to create a GOOD sniper rifle. I can now reach some 620 fps with .43 g bbs. When asked, what does a “good sniper rifle” mean to you, please, try not to answer
    “I want it to be able to shoot three hundred yards out of the box.”
    No sniper rifle and I cannot stress that enough, CANNOT give you a stable performance at this range out of the box. Instead, try to ask for a “good and cheap upgrading platform” or something along those lines. Most cheap sniper rifles are not even reliable in the out-of-the-box stage and will give you a different performance every few shots. This might be caused by a large amount of factors. These vary from wrong lubrication to filth in the barrel. At this price range (150-200 dollars) you can get great upgrade platforms of many shapes and sizes, so that every one of you will be satisfied. Also, when asking for a brand, try to use links. Not everyone knows the rifles and can give you some info on the specs given on the web page. At this point, I think it is safe to talk about choosing a sniper rifle. When choosing a sniper rifle, try to look for some upgrades first. It is easier for some rifles than for others (a great example is the A&K SVD, where it was a pain in the butt, however, a friend with a CNC machine did the trick even better). So, upgradeability is a good plus. Look for the price, also. You do really not need an Ares sniper rifle for 400 dollars and then just throw another thousand into it. Get a cheaper rifle. Get a clone of a good brand and pour money into that. It is a very good strategy and hasn’t failed me or others yet. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask, but you should know a couple things. The question should be coherent, it should be obvious that you really are interested, and, if possible you could do some basic research yourself. So, instead of doing this
    “Hi, I am looking for a sniper rifle and some upgrades for it. What do you recommend?”
    try this:
    “Hi, I am looking for a good sniper rifle that I could upgrade. I have found XX and XY, but cannot decide. Later, I might also use some upgrades. I looked in your older threads and found that the XX has better sears than the XY, but tends to have a worse hop-up unit. Could you give me some advice?”
    When reporting a problem – and this applies to all airsofters – please, if possible add photos to your inquiry, since it usually helps the person giving you the advice. And last, but not least, when asking information or advice, be polite. There is nothing worse than this
    “Looking for a sniper rifle. Any info?”
    It looks like you have no interest at all, since you are not even able to come up with a couple of your own choices. Please, bear that in mind. Try this instead
    “Hi there, could you please give me some…”
    Before posting any new thread, please take the time and look into older ones, where there is a load of information. Just like in airsoft sniping, it cannot hurt to take a closer look. I know, begin with airsoft sniping is neither easy nor cheap, but this is at least something that you could maybe do, before you ask a stu*pid question. We all had to start somehow, so there really is no improper question – there are only improper ways to put formulate it. Please note that I am not trying to insult anyone of you, I am merely trying to help you to choose a new rifle (and show you how not to p*ss veteran airsoft snipers off while asking for advice). Airsoft sniping requires a lot of patience and immunity against stress, Why? Because of what can happen. You lie down in the grass, crawl through mud, streams, and asphalt to get this one shot and as soon as you get there, you find out that your target and his team has won the game. It happens. Bear that in mind, before you jump with both feet into the magic world of airsoft sniping.

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