How to Properly Pronounce 10 Gun Names You're Likely Saying Wrong (VIDEO)

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    By default, if you are a member here (or just stopping by), odds are you are a gun fan of some sort-- even if most in your collection are 6mm. However, you likely have had at least a few of the below pass through your hands at one time or another. There are few things more embarrassing for a new gun owner than mispronouncing the name of a firearm. It's even more embarrassing for a long-time gun owner.

    To help the gun owning public, our friends over at OutdoorHub put together this great video to lay out how to better pronounce 10 commonly mispronounced gun terms heard along the gun ranges and shooting sports areas of the country. Of course, this is likely to appeal more to the, "Its Devgru not Seal Team Six crowd," (of which I am a charter member of our local chapter) but hey, the more you know...

    The list includes:
    -Heckler Und Koch
    10 Gun Names You Are Likely Saying Wrong (And How to Pronounce Them Properly)

    stg-385.jpg saiga-386.jpg mosin-387.jpg makarov-388.jpg kaslsh-ak-389.jpg hk-390.jpg garand-391.jpg dragonov-392.jpg tavor-393.jpg steyr-394.jpg

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    Of course what we would really like to see is a pronunciation guide on how to properly say, "Jing Gong" and "Tokyo Marui," and just what does KWA stand for anyway?


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