Inverting the wheel: Bullpup Spotlight: Part II

  1. GunJack
    In our last write-up, we covered five different bullpups with airsoft counterparts: The AUG, the UAR, the P90, the Groza and the SA80.
    In this article, we'll continue our glances at five more replicas.

    Starting with the F2000. The F2000 is made by previously mentioned Fabrique Nationale Herstal in Belgium. The F2000, for all intensive purposes, is essentially the P90's bigger, nastier brother. Firing the 5.56 NATO round, this bullpup is not only STANAG compatible, but at a stout 27", this replica is one that airsofters may aspire to own one day. F2000 replicas are made by JLS and G&G, the better quality G&G being 360 USD on average. G&G also offers a model with the MARS sight attached.


    Moving on to the Tavor, or TAR-21 (For Tavor Assault Rifle for the 21st century), this Israeli made weapon is also STANAG 5.56 NATO compatible. A one-in-a-million rifle, the Tavor entered into service after 2002. Not only seeing widespread use in the Israeli Defense Force, it also sees limited use in Indian and Georgian special forces. With companies such as S&T, Ares and now Elite Force cranking out Tavor replicas, you can find one from 170 USD to 450 USD. Some ARES models come with MARS sights as well, but most of ARES' models are no longer in production.


    Featured next is a relatively new addition to airsoft, and still not an addition to the Real Steel world, the Magpul PDR (PDR being Personal Defense Rifle) is a new personal defense weapon designed by Magpul, a company known to most airsofters for good quality. The PDR comes in at just 19 inches while still being able to retain up to 12.5 inches in barrel length. The only airsoft model in production is the PDR-C made by Magpul PTS, and you can find one new for 380 USD.


    While most people may think of bullpups being limited to smaller arms used for compact engagements, the WA2000 is a weapon that you would be laughed at for taking into CQB. Designed the late 1970s and early 1980s, the WA2000, made by renowned German firearms company Walther, was intended for use by German police units, but was expensive to produce, leaving only 176 units to be produced. The airsoft variant is a rarity to be sure, only being widely produced by Asahi and ARES. Both discontinued, the ARES can still be found listed overseas for about 480 USD.


    Lastly being covered today, the DSR-1 sniper rifle. Currently being used by the German GSG 9 to combat terrorism, the DSR-1 is a bullpup sniper rifle chambered in both .308 and .300. But, ARES has so kindly graced us with a DSR-1 chambered in 6mm BB. ARES' model is currently the only DSR on the market, but it features the same adjustable stock, integrated bipod, and magazine storage in front of the trigger. ARES' DSR-1 is a unique replica, and as such, will cost about 950 USD from a domestic dealer.


    So, that's ten, only four more to go in the next article. I'll see you then, and as always, stay frosty.

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