Jump Starting an Airsoft Team

  1. TK_Robinson

    Here are some basics of jump starting an airsoft team. The first thing you should do research the history and basic rules of Airsoft because this is necessary if you're going to build a successful Airsoft team in your community. You can go to The Airsoft Society's website for starters to get an idea of what a solid Airsoft team should be like. The next step is to talk to friends in the community who have a shared interest in Airsoft and collaborate on ideas for a team name.

    Once you have your general idea, to include the team background (i.e if its MilSim of Navy Seals, or Vietnam-era 101st Airborne, or whatever) then go about putting it together.

    Practice makes perfect, so be sure you learn how to move and shoot as a group. Stand alone drills, followed by two and three man move-and-shot drills will help you when the BBs start flying.

    Learn about how to stay safe during Airsoft games as well as any local laws concerning the sport as some cities do not allow it.


    Look for the best Airsoft guns and gear for the team and you can do this by visiting online directories of Airsoft supplies dealers. When you visit the online retailers, you should look at the main brands then research those brands before making a purchase to ensure that you are getting products from a trusted and established manufacturer. Make sure you purchase extra supplies in case certain tools get broken such as eye pro or if the team's uniforms wear out over a period of time.


    Another thing you want to do is train your team members thoroughly so that they will master the art of shooting in general and understand the best strategies for winning against another Airsoft team. The main purpose of consistent training is to get an idea of the skills your team members have and to decide which persons would not make the cut.


    As the team leader you want others to know about your team so you should look for creative ways to promote it. Visit the social media pages of local fan clubs of Airsoft and invite them as friends. Create your own social media page for them to view and on this page you would include the dates for your upcoming practice sessions, some video interviews you have done, and blog posts about the local Airsoft scene.

    Airsoft is a sport that teaches precision, team work, and critical thinking skills. Some people participate in the sport for military simulation purposes while others may use this sport to conduct historical reenactments of military battles that were important in the world. If you are new at Airsoft, it will take practice before you master the skill but soon you will become a pro and the most important thing is to enjoy yourself and bond with friends.

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