KJW KP-07 Tactical 1911 MEU Airsoft Gun

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    KJW KP-07 Tactical 1911 MEU Airsoft Gun (Green Gas) The KJW KP-07 (MEU- Marine Expeditionary Unit) is a solid Airsoft pistol modified for use by the military from the 1911 and has some great features. Key Features: Tokyo Marui internals Upgraded nozzle Upgraded springs Novak style sights with white dots on the front and back for easier target acquisition. (Front sight is removable also) As you can see its mostly blacked out except for the trigger. It has the standard rail for accessory attachment, forward cocking serrations, ambidextrous safety, skeleton hammer and trigger which is also adjustable. This Airsoft pistol has one of my favorite hammers, as it is one of the easiest to cock back with your thumb. Weight Comparisons: KJW KP-071911 MEu - 927 grams (w/ Co2 Mag available separately) Tokyo Mauri 5.1 Hi Capa - 910 grams Tokyo Mauri 4.3 Hi Capa - 852 grams All Airsoft guns come equipped with a blaze orange tip to comply with Federal Law. Please always remember shoot responsibly and be safe! Available at Airsoft armada

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