my three rules to airsoft

By tj527, Jan 31, 2010 | |
  1. tj527
    Don't get hit. your better off playing it safe then playing rambo. When its either you or him, it should always result in him. Not because thats the name of the game, but because postponing your death is the best way to win. There's always a second chance if your still in the game, but once you strike out, your down for the count. Plan two steps ahead, Tactics and the skills to predetermine your enemies movements is a art. First take into account what he knows. you both know that to the right is a more direct root, so it would be foolish for you to take it. But he knows your no fool and that to the left has better cover, however you are fully aware of the same things. The only difference is that he could deliver fire to either roots, so the most logical root is a improvised one. One that even you dont know, as long as it gets you to were you want to go. Keep on your toes. Always be ready and nothing will surprise you. a player weakest state is when he is unexspecting. A players biggest weapon is the element of surprise. Readiness will keep you alive. Have a plan. A emergency plan, a game plan, a plan B. any and evry type of plan will be of some use to you at one time or another in a airsoft war.

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