New! Matrix CNC Airsoft RPG Challenge Kit

By Evike, Apr 10, 2013 | |
  1. Evike
    The RPG-7. It's the one of the most recognized weapon system across the globe next to the AR-15 and AK47. It's ease of use, effectiveness, and low supply cost has made it the most versatile and widely used anti-armor weapon in the world. Mainly infamously used by irregular and guerrilla forces, the RPG-7 has been used in almost all military conflicts aroud the world since the 1960's.

    Now you can own a piece of history with this challenge kit brought to you by Matrix. This replica is the most authentic replica on the market with the capability to be used with an airsoft 40mm grenade shell. It features a full metal parts, and imitation wood. Adjustable iron sights and a very durable grenade rocket tip.

    Whether you are a collector, film producer or a hard core airsofter, this RPG challenge kit will impress you every time you look at it.

    You can view the complete product listing here!

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