Opinions Change: My Now-Broken BO Dynamics LT595

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    Several weeks back, many of you read and watched my review of the BO Dynamics LT595 BAW. When that review was created, I had shot five to six thousand bbs through the gun without any malfunctions. However, longevity (Approximately 2 months of use) has shown the some flaws in the LT595 that my readers and followers should be aware of.


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    Many of you are aware that popular airsoft reviewers are sponsored and/or paid by large companies and retailers which results in reviews that are purpose driven to create sales. What you will find with me is I am a no nonsense type of guy, and I will not sugar coat anything for my readers, fans and followers. With this being said, I am pulling my recommendation of the BO Dynamics LT595 and I will detail the failures that have been starting to show their ugly face two months into my ownership of this weapon.

    Through the month of January and leading up to my original review, I had no problems or malfunctions with the LT595. I was quite pleased with the performance, quality, and affordability of the gun. A gun that I believed was worth every penny. However, in late January, I went camping with this gun the night before our monthly Florida Tactical Action Club training and problems began to arise.

    The gun was secured within the rental van I had acquired for my travels and that night the outside temperatures dropped to around 40 degrees. After freezing my butt off that night, I woke up excited to get some serious training done. When I began to fire my LT595 to ensure it was sighted in properly, the gun was shooting like a completely different weapon. The bbs were flying all over the place, were completely inconsistent and the range was terrible. I was baffled.

    I immediately removed the upper receiver and pulled out the barrel and hopup to check for any problems. When I peered down the barrel, I quickly realized that it was full of flakes and the bore was hazy. It appeared as if the barrel had a coating that went bad over night and was now clogging up the barrel. I then ran a cleaning rod and cotton pad through the barrel to try and clean out the obstruction. Unfortunately, I made the mistake of going too far and damaging the bucking. This was a my mistake, but added to the downward spiral that this gun had already began.

    After removing the hop up and bucking, I then spent the next 30 minutes trying to clean out the flaky obstruction, but at that point the bucking was not functional. A few days later, I replaced the bucking with a Maple Leaf 75, hoping that this would make everything better. Unfortunately, I was very wrong. The performance of the gun was terrible. The accuracy and range was worse and completely inconsistent. Some bbs would fly out 100 feet and at a good speed, then others would travel about 20 feet and drop to the ground. Another problem that developed was that the gun now had a massive feeding problem with the Elite Force midcaps which had previously been working perfectly.

    After about a week of hoping the bucking just needed to break in, I gave up and replaced the bucking again with another Maple Leaf 75. I was curious if I just had a bad bucking. The gun continued to function terribly. Then came the end of the LT595. The nail that sealed the coffin. At my next FTAC-Mississippi Chapter training, the gun went into the sand. When I retrieved the gun, the polymer upper receiver cracked where the front pivot pin runs through. This caused the upper receiver to separate from the lower receiver. I also found that the electric blowback system stopped working and the gun would now sometime shoot auto while in semi.

    I was furious that a gun I had just highly recommended and placed my seal of approval on had completely let me down just weeks later. Especially aggravated because I have a small Mississippi event that FTAC and FTAC-MS are attending this weekend (I probably am just getting back by the time you read this). Now, I was left with no reliable primary gun. This forced me to spend an additional $450 with Evike to purchase an A&K M60/MK43 with next day air shipping because I was elected to be the support gunner for this event. A terrible disappointment not only to me, but to my wallet.

    In an attempt to fix the gun, I Gorilla Glue'd the upper receiver, but at this particular location, the stress is too great for the glue to hold up. So, the upper receiver is completely ruined at this point. I was able to completely take apart the factory Lonex hopup, rebuild it and get the gun to shoot far and straight again, but with the receiver broken, it is non-functioning.

    As of now, there has been talk by BO Dynamics and Evike to replace my gun. Specifically, that BO Dynamics wants to examine the gun to see what has failed. Despite their attention to this, at this point I cannot give my recommendation for this gun anymore to my readers and followers. I am not saying that this is a terrible gun, as it did perform flawlessly for the first five thousand or so bbs. There is a chance I just happened to receive a lemon. This happens, especially with new companies and products. The same goes for any new product in any industry. With this said, I cannot with a clean conscience recommend this gun because of the problems which arose quickly with this gun and the failure of the upper receiver polymer.


    --Brandon Roberts is a counter-terrorism task force officer based out of Meridian, Mississippi. He has been in law enforcement since 2001 and has served as a private military contractor for the U.S. government overseas. Brandon is the author of the Amazon Best Seller List book 'Evading Honesty' and runs milsim with the Florida Tactical Action Club

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