Replay XD 1080 and 720 Camera Review

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    There's a new kid on the block when it comes to portable HD cameras.

    You can't ask for a better compact HD video camera than the Replay XD. These innovative cameras record beautifully, capturing pristine video footage and high quality audio all into a single, compact package.

    They feature enhanced filming capabilities for action sports and airsoft junkies alike. No need to find compatible mounts because these HD cameras can virtually mount on to any smooth surface, including helmets, via the two included mounts.

    They can easily accommodate for low-profile scenarios and enhanced spherical adjustment, though aftermarket mounts can be purchased to attach these HD cameras to rail systems. Capture airsoft skirmishes in both indoor and outdoor environments onto video and effortlessly stream video to your device of choice live (thanks to a built-in HDMI out connector) to your computer, iPad or select Android devices.

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