Sniping and Stuff

By Drufus, Jul 12, 2010 | |
  1. Drufus
    This subject kind of came to my mind after I realized how many different opinions I've heard on the effectiveness of snipers in different scenarios. Some of these I can't help but agree on, and others I really don't get. The most baffling one I've heard is that snipers cannot be effective on an offensive team or squad. I'm thinking the writer of this particular statement was misunderstanding something. Snipers, in my opinion at least, play not a strictly offensive or defensive role on the battlefield, but rather a support role, just like a medic or engineer. Snipers are effective on both sides of the conflict. "But Andrew," you ask, "how are we supposed to believe a player using only a bolt action rifle can charge a base?" Well, you ought to be smart enough to know that snipers aren't meant to make a mad dash for an objective. A sniper on an offensive team can be useful by:
    • Eliminating key defensive positions
    • Calling out targets
    • Or looking for possible flanking routes to an objective
    Of course, there are other, less conventional roles a sniper could play. Use your imagination. Anyways, I just thought I needed to address the issue. Snipers ≠ Exclusive Defense

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