The Impact Of Support Weapons

  1. Saks_airsoft
    One of the most realistic systems for combat training are the simulated weapons of the Airsoft universe. The fact that armies and police departments use the replica firearms for training is a testament to this. I mean, playing Black Ops where you fire a digital version of modern weapons is pretty cool, but actually being in a simulated environment firing a lifelike version of a weapon puts the Xbox 360 to shame.

    I have read varying opinions about the use of simulation bb explosives on the Airsoft Battlefield. One term I have seen is a reference to them as support weapons. Not that this is untrue, but the support these weapons can give you does not do the category justice. Explosive weapons like grenade launchers, mortars, rocket propelled grenades, and claymores can be game changers.

    Even on the real battlefield these weapons have specialized purposes that support infantry units. The same combat principles will work here. The most useful, in my opinion of course, is the multi-shot handheld grenade launcher. Yes, the single shot grenade launcher looks mega cool with the rifle butt but six shots are better than one. More expensive, but still better than just having one shot loaded and ready.

    6 Shot Grenade Launcher

    The grenade launcher can help you in certain situations. For example, what if you are an advanced patrol in one of the urban Airsoft tournament grounds. You have been meticulous and patient in your approach, but you are about to encounter an enemy squad and you are outnumbered. The grenade launcher can allow you to engage more combatants at once. It also allows you to fire the grenade and quickly retreat behind cover. A rifle or machine gun would not allow you this capability to deliver this many bbs at once. The grenade launcher also allows you the ability to increase firepower at a rapid rate in combat. In about 3 seconds you can shower your enemy with bbs.


    As an Airsoft ambush weapon this is one I would heavily recommend. The Airsoft version remote control will allow you to send a wave of bbs on the approach of an enemy. It also allows you to trigger it from concealment. If the opposing squad makes the mistake of moving in bunches, or in a single line, the effect of the Airsoft claymore will probably be devastating to them.


    I looked this up to make sure it was part of the Airsoft universe. While this would look amazing to have slinging from your shoulder, I do not know if it would be as useful as a grenade launcher. On the real battlefield these are designed for vehicles, which may not be the real focus in an Airsoft engagement. It seems less practical than the grenade launcher. Regardless it could still be useful if this is your primary simulation explosive weapon launcher.

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