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  1. Fisch
    The Rifleman… “ Through the fields of some lonely farm a squad of men assault the enemy headquarters in the farm house. While the support gunners lies down suppressing fire and the designated marksmen take their shots, the bulk of the squads force is moving foreword towards the farm house. Leap-frogging from cover to cover, low wall to low wall, the riflemen move as a team to attack their objective. Working together by covering each other the riflemen eventually work their way to the enemy HQ and take control. While the support gunners and marksmen are to be congratulated for doing their job, the riflemen are calm in the knowing they, not the specialists, are the ones who carried out the orders as planned. A sense of pride emerges among the rifle-team…” The rifleman class in the airsofting community is the most versatile class available to new and experienced player due to their weapons ability to be flexible. From low cap to high cap magazines,and red dot sights to scopes the rifleman’s weapon has the ability to perform many different tasks But the main role of the rifleman is to close the distance between objectives and provide a buffer for their support (snipers, command structures, etc.) so that they may operate at maximum efficiency. A rifleman’s weapon in airsoft usually comes in the form of a weapon similar to, but not necessarily, the M4 carbine or M16A1-A4. These weapons are common and can fulfill the roles of many functions. The load-out of a rifleman usually consists of their primary assault rifle, a secondary weapon in the form of a pistol( such as an M9 Berretta, or Colt M1911), and for those desperate instances a bayonet ( soft rubber). The prepared rifleman also carries extra magazine pouches which carry the main guns extra magazines. The rifleman may opt to carry extra magazines for his/her pistol on their shoulder harness or vest should they choose to do so. The rifleman also should wear matching camouflage when acting as part of a team so as to be identified with said team. Another thing that the player should consider is always carry extra ammo to fill up any empty magazines that you or a buddy may have. A well prepared team is not just filled with specialists, but instead with a large number of riflemen that know that their job is to carry out the actions that the specialists can’t. When working in perfect harmony any number of riflemen can carry out a mission no matter what the odds so long as they know the job that they are supposed to do and are prepared for any conflicts en route to their objective. I hope that this has been a helpful tip for those that are just getting to play the great game of airsoft! Fisch… Adirondack Rangers | An Upstate NY Airsoft Team

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