Thompson CYMA Review

  1. ThompsonFTW
    As you can tell by my username, I am a fan of the Thompson. In particular the CYMA Thompson. In this article I intend to inform you and possibly persuade you into buying one of these beautiful pieces.

    We will start with what most of you are going to ask yourself, what is the price? Well there is no straight answer on that one. You can find it in varying prices. For the sake of time I will give you a general idea from my research. The price on the CYMA Thompson is from about $170-$150. It is a little on the steep side for the "level" of Airsoft gun. (Referring to the fact the CYMA is often thought as a cheap brand.)

    Next you are probably wondering either just how good is it, or how easy is it to customize? I am here to tell you. Stock it is on par with most other Automatic Electric Guns. (AEG) The Thompson gets about 140 ft. of accurate range. However, you can very easily upgrade the accuracy with a tight bore barrel and a better bucking to really reach out and touch someone. What is the easiest gearbox to work on? Many say it is the version six gearbox. Good news! The Thompson has a version six gearbox. So, for all of you techs out there, go wild. I feel I should add, it is not exactly the same as the p90 gearbox. The Thompson has a short type motor while the P90 has a long type motor. (Of course the air nozzle will also be different.) On to the externals. Unfortunately there isn't a lot of "upgrades" for the externals. However, don't be deterred by that. I think there are some very easy modifications you can do to change that. All you will need is some guts, and knowhow and it won't be hard at all.

    Now since I have yet to do any of the modifications I'm about to outline I can't assure you that they will work exactly as planned. However, when I do get a chance I will update the article with pictures and exactly what I did. So, my plans as of now are to add some rails to the Thompson. As far as I know there are no "upgrades" for doing it. That wasn't going to stop me. So, I am in the testing/planning stage of adding my own custom rails. My plans are as follows. Buy a G36 rail. It isn't going to be anything special just a normal rail. Once it arrives I am going to take it out to my grinder and rough it up a bit. I will also be doing this to the top portion of the Thompson. This is to help with attaching the rail. Once you have that done you are going to thoroughly clean both parts. Next, you will JB weld it on let it set up for at least 3 days. This will insure the strength. That should be more than enough as long as you don't abuse your gun. Next, I plan on buying the full wood kit. Once, this step is done I will be installing a G36 rail on the bottom of the fore grip. This will be as simple as putting two screws threw the real wood. (You may want to shim the rail. If you wish to do that, I will be using metal washers to make it straight.) By this point you have a very customized Thompson.

    Next, I will be hitting on the reliability of the CYMA Thompson. I feel as if it is a very reliable replica. I have shot probably 30,000+ rounds through it. I know that's really not that much, but I am fairly hard on my guns and I have yet to have a problem. The entire time I have been running it on a 9.6v 1800 MAH battery. My rounds per second is almost 20. As a completely stock weapon I was pretty impressed. The entire gun sounds just as it did the very first day I bought it. Overall, I hope this has given you some new input on just what the Thompson is capable of.


    Photographs done by me.

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