Tips on Sniping in Airsoft Games

  1. TK_Robinson
    Stalking is one of the most important skills an airsoft sniper must learn and here is how you can do it. In stalking you are locating your intended target then slowly moving towards him in an unassuming way before surprising him with a hit.

    The key to good stalking in airsoft is to constantly watch where and how your target moves so it will be easier to locate him and snipe. While doing this you'll also need to watch out for any traps your enemy may have set up and you should have communication with the rest of your team so they can alert of where your target is moving.

    Here are other strategies in becoming a better airsoft sniper.


    Camouflaging Yourself With Ghillie Suit

    If you watch a few airsoft games you may see the sniper covered in a strange suit that resembles the character Swamp Thing. This suit is called a ghillie suit and the purpose of the suit is to create the illusion of a dismantled silhouette of the human body. When you buy the ghillie suit it should have hints of green, brown and red so that you will blend in with the outdoors as you attempt to locate and hit your target.

    Remain in Shadowy Areas

    When you are an airsoft sniper you do not want to be seen by your target or other enemies from the other team so you'll need to hide out in a darkened area outdoors where there is considerable amount of shade. This is also essential in ensuring the best hits towards your target.


    Even the best airsoft snipers need assistance in locating their targets and you get the help you need by training and using a spotter. You want to choose a spotter who understands all the most strategic escape routes and he can alert the sniper on any areas that would put the sniper in danger of being caught and hit.

    Have Your Equipment Nearby

    This is important when you're an airsoft sniper because you want to minimize your movements so that you will not be detected by others during the game. Some airsoft snipers use duct tape to attach some of their equipment to their ghillie suits so that they will not have to stop and load the rifles.

    Within airsoft the sniper is one of the most coveted roles and it takes practice to become excellent in this position. When you're not playing a game you should get a fellow team member and practice sniping with him if you're a beginner so that you'll get the feel for what sniping is about.

    Purchasing the right airsoft rifle is also important so you should visit a gun store to inquire about which ones on the market are the best for snipers and why. Airsoft sniping allows you to pretend you're a real life soldier in the military and you're learning analytical skills that you can apply to other facets of life.

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