Town moves to restructure ordinances to allow for airsoft

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    An Oregon town is seeking this week to modify laws currently on the book whose overreach includes clamping a lid on airsoft guns to a degree.

    The City

    Via Visit Bend

    Located more or less in central Oregon, the city of Bend is the heart of Deschutes County. With a population estimated at upwards of 80,000, Bend is the fifth largest city in the state in terms of population. The nearby Cascade Lakes offer up tons of tourism opportunities as does the large tracks of pine forest and over 300 miles of biking trails.

    Airsoft is also very popular in the area and no less than three areas and clubs; Peak, Bend, and High Desert have an internet presence. With that being said, you would be surprised at some of the local laws.

    The problem

    Bend's Discharge of Weapons codes make no exception between a bazooka, anti-aircraft gun, rifle, shotgun, bb gun, airsoft guns and paintball guns, in effect making the firing of any of the above in the same category and liable for a citation from local police if set off inside the city limits-- even on private property.

    The solution

    As reported by KTVZ, Assistant City Attorney Gary Firestone and police Patrol Capt. Ben
    Gregory in September began working on a proposal to clarify this to
    allow for airsoft.

    "The City's original prohibition on discharge of weapons was adopted at a time when guns were guns, toys were toys, and everyone knew the difference," reads the proposal, to be voted upon on Nov. 4.

    "The proliferation of items that discharge projectiles but are not intended to cause harm has led to a review of the existing code language and this proposed amendment. The City has received some comments from members of the public regarding the use of airsoft guns and other items that shoot projectiles," it continues.

    The measure under review would change current law to allow for use of airsoft guns on fully enclosed ranges and on private property so long as the projectile remains on the property.

    If you live in or near Bend, you may want to reach out and weigh in on that before Nov.4

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