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    If you're on the prowl for a more unconventional airsoft gun, then now is the right time, especially since more online retailers have Christmas specials going on. There are a number of movie replica and original airsoft guns that are automatic, electric and resemble real weapons. This is a great gift for a child who has an affinity for science fiction, or simply wants an airsoft gun that looks different.

    Off World REC Blaster

    The REC blaster is a weapon not only used in the Jean Claude Van Damme classic Time Cop, but it was also used in several episodes of Stargate: Atlantis. You can find it here, and this puppy normally costs $250. However, this one is out of stock, along with another website that carries them. But you can make a special request if interested.

    The muzzle velocity on this one is 300 feet per second and holds 22 rounds with the magazine.

    It's certainly one airsoft to have if you're looking to stand out from the pack, but there's another sci-fi based movie inspirationyou may love.

    Robocop Style Airsoft Gun

    The original Robocop is one of my all-times favorite movies, and with the Robocop remake set to debut next year this is the perfect time to mention it. It is a plastic design with a 16 capacity magazine clip. It fires 6 mm BBs and paintballs. This is an electric gun that requires 4 AAA batteries. It has electric blowback, with the slide moving like a real weapon.

    Below is a demonstration of the airsoft version with sound effects added.


    No pumping of any kind is required, and all you need to do is hold down the trigger for continuous firing, just like the movie. The total length of the gun is 14 feet, and it shoots 150 feet per second. This gun is out of stock on some sites but you can get it on Trend Times for $29.95, one of the cheaper prices out there.

    P90 Replica

    If you're looking for speed that surpasses the Robocop gun, this one shoots 200 feet per second at 400 rounds per minute. There is a rechargeable NiCad battery system and charger. If you're looking for extra perks, the P90comes with a flashlight, laser aim and false silencer. You'll also get a pack of 100 BBs, a strap and goggles. It is a gun that is light on damage, which is good if you plan to give this one to your child. But one of the more common complaints of the weapon is the sub-standard scope. Amazon is the cheapest place to get it, going for $40. If you're looking for a bargain and a decent gun, this is one to consider.

    Evanix Max Bullpup Rifle

    If you're looking for a higher quality rifle, this one has a look unlike any other, and you'll have a choice between full auto and semi-auto. The price range on this one can range from $900 to over $1,000, depending on your preference.

    It has a quality walnut stock and a rechargeable battery. You have the option of purchasing a 9.6V battery pack, but this is only recommended in colder weather. The bolt can get stuck when firing on a low battery pack, but you can fire 150 shots. However, cold weather may reduce the amount that can be fired. Using round 9 MM balls is not recommended. You have the choice between the .177 caliber, .22 caliber, .25 caliber and the 9 MM. Even though the gun is compact, it can be heavy and awkward to some, but it is a high quality rifle known for its accuracy and speed.

    I'll be back with some more interesting airsoft weaponry.

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