WATCH: Magpul PTS PDR-C Video Review

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    The new Magpul PTS PDR-C AEG is by far the most streamlined and ergonomic bullpup style airsoft rifle on the market! Featuring a rugged yet lightweight reinforced polymer design with fully ambidextrous controls, the Magpul PDR is the most advanced airsoft AEGs in its class. The PDR's development stems from Magpul's 2006 personal defense weapon concept carbine, which was purposefully designed to be used in close quarters environments and accept the standard 5.56 STANAG magazines. Magpul PTS' PDR-C not only features an intuitive and ergonomic design, but also sports a hard hitting, proprietary full metal gearbox, which gives this compact rifle incredible range, power and accuracy! Don't miss out on your opportunity to own one of the most advanced airsoft guns on the market!

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