When others buy M4's, I buy PVC?!?!

  1. TheChosenOne94
    The title should have piqued your interest: yes, that's what I do best, building guns. Frankly, I just don't have the money to buy "real" guns, even though I want an m14 sooo bad. So, I pick up my saw, drill, and glue, and get to work. So far, I have made three weapons of varying success, with more plans on the way. Mortar Mark I Earlier this year, New Year's eve to be exact, Mortar Mark I made its battle debut. This 5 ft long LAW rocket looking thing took about three weeks and 30 bucks to make. It consisted of a 2in by 3ft barrel linearly attached to a 3in by 2ft chamber. It fired using a generous amount of hairspray, a grill lighter, and some prayer. The thing was intimidating, if not very useful. It only fired about 1 in 3 tries, but had a colossal explosion. Sadly, it had all bark and no bite. It took about a minute to load, wasn't very effective, was stark white, cause I had no time to paint it, and was fairly bulky and heavy. Overall: very awesome, but not effective. Enter Mortar Mark II. This contraption was inspired by my genius friend Chris. It came from the idea that compressed air had a much better reliability rate, and would produce more measurable results. So, the brainstorming began! I starting working on the actual body when a local Ace Hardware went out of business and I got some sweet deals. First, I cut all the PVC into my needed parts, and glued them together. The shape resembles an over-sized battle axe with curved blades. Basically, I used 90 degree elbows to make the chamber wrap around the barrel on both sides. This way, I can get more chamber space, without making the thing too long. Then, I attached a PVC ball valve, with threaded ends for attaching different barrels on, to the chamber and screwed in the barrel. Then, thanks to some good advice, I camo Duck-taped the whole thing. I actually almost lost the thing during a night game, that's how well the camo does its job!!! It saw its first action in April, and didn't have enough time to live up to expectations. I also want to point out that my group plays a "hit-your-out" rule, therefore I have to hit them with pellets for it to kill. So, it hasn't made a lasting impression yet, but I plan to create a shell with a co2 cartridge inside to create a much better spread of fire. Overall: very cool looking, works well, fires easily, hasn't done much yet. Also, I am working on an M16A1 custom; really custom... For my last game, in late June, I started to seriously consider an idea I had. What if I took an old spring M16A1 rifle, and connected it to a HPA (High pressured air) tank, regulated it accordingly, and fired a blast of air through the existing chamber?? Basically, the rifle already contains the internals needed to cock the gun (BTW, this is a "bolt" action gun, not auto) and has a chamber through which the air from the piston already flows. Therefore, I took out the piston, which opens the chamber to the air, and connected an air hose to the inside of the chamber. Also, I did a TON of knife work to the inside of the gun for the trigger (a blow valve for an air compressor, which works just like a trigger) to fit into the casing. This enabled the user to just pull the blow valve, which already looks like a trigger, and let air through the chamber, firing the BB. Then, I connected the blow valve to the regulator (cheapo from Northern Tool) and bored out my stock to accommodate my 1/4 in. to HPA tank adapter hose. This allows me to either use the HPA tank as a stock, or remote coil it to the back of my tactical vest, and use the stock as is. Now, this isn't finished yet, so there are some good and bad things: Bad: Leaks through the trigger. The thing was rated at 200 psi, and I was only putting 120 into it, so either the trigger is bad, or the regulator isn't working properly. Isn't too awesome. I thought it would have more power, however that might come with the trigger/reg fix. Good: Fires!!! It actually fired, but not awesomely. Cocking mech is really easy. You only have the pull the lever a 1/2in back, so it reloads REALLY fast. Uses what I already have. Since I used all the reloading mech from the original gun, I have a bunch of old clips which work perfectly, so I don't have to gunsmith any of them. Overall: I like how it is turning out, but needs to be adjusted before combat ready. So, that concludes the "done-ish" portion, here a few things I am already working on: Grenades. Really cheap way to have really effective grenades. They use those Crosman co2 canisters to create the blast. Auto Turret. Check out here: Autonomous Paintball Sentry Gun This is the basic idea, though I will be modding a few things to make it work better. This is going to be REALLY AWESOME!!! [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] Possible super turret. Useable on my project Jeep, when finished, it would track you eyes (yeah) and point a mounted machine gun/mortar/unsure yet toward the point you are looking at. (Kudos to the afore mentioned Chris for this one). [​IMG] So, there you have it: my first blog post!! As you can see, I love games and competition,a as well as using my hands to build. Airsoft is such a perfect place to display both!!!!

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