January 2011 Loadout

Not inspired. Just a bunch of Crap I thew together :) This is my uninspired loadout. Just thought I'd run it like this :) [B]GEAR[/B] Blackwater IO Plate Carrier w/ SAPI Level IV Standalone Plates (2) Tactical Tailor Multipurpose pouches (4) Tactical Tailor Double AR/AK Style Mag pouches (1) Tactical Tailor Hydration Pouch Carrier (1) Camelbak 3.0L Bladder w/ drinking nozzle (1) Tactical Tailor Dump Pouch (1) Tactical Tailor Dual Secondary Magazine Pouch (1) Tactical Tailor Small Radio Pouch (1) Safariland 6004 Drop Leg Holster (5) Maxcuff Disposable Tactical Restraints (1) Level III Assault Pack OETech Tactical Softshell jacket Bullhead Jeans IR US Flag Patch, Subdued Bloodtype patch, SOCOM DEVGRU Skull & Crossbones Patch Tactical Tailor 2 Point Bungee Sling Oakley Ballistic M-Frame Tactical Glasses [B]GUN[/B] WETTI/AWSS GBBR MK16 MOD 0 SCAR-L W/ 10 Green Gas MidCap Magazines G&G Aimpoint Replica Green/Red dot w/ Cantilever Mount G&G MK16 MOD 0 Flashhider & QD Barrel Extension US Issue Grippod Hugsby 400 Lumen Torch Hong Kong Peq-15 Replica NO BRAND Laser System WE GBB M92 [B]NOT PICTURED[/B] OETECH Mich 2000 Replica w/ Norotos NVG mount Norotos NVG Rhino Arm ACR MS2000 Infrared Strobe Mexhanix Stealth Gloves Subdued US Flag for Helmet Flakjak Goggles

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